If You're The Oldest Of Your Cousins, These 8 Things Are So, So Relatable

Whether you have a big family or a small one, when you were born has a huge impact on the role you play in your family. If you're the oldest of your cousins, you know that you have different responsibilities than the youngest in the family. As the oldest, you set the example that the rest of your cousins follow, and you always got to choose what games to play and movies to watch on holidays when you were kids. It doesn't matter if the next cousin down the line was only born a few months behind you, you are officially the oldest and that makes you special AF.

Sure, with every job, there are the perks and also a few setbacks. In fact, you might even relate hard to these eight things that older cousins experience. However, the thing that makes it all so special is that you will always be the oldest cousin. Your aunts and uncles can have more children knocking the youngest cousin out of their role, but no one can really take the title away from you. You are the oldest, and you will forever take the job seriously whether it's giving advice to your younger cousins, or taking charge when it comes to pulling together family reunions.

You're The Role Model

There's a lot of pressure as the oldest, because you set the example. Though, you take on the responsibilities like a champ. You know your cousins are always looking up to you, so you want to set the right example.

You Organized All The Plans

As the most responsible one, you get to be the plan maker. Growing up, you were always the one who decided what everyone did at Grandma's house. Nowadays, you're the one organizing the cousin hangs as well. You may not want to be the one who has to organize everyone together, but you know if it wasn't on you, nothing would happen.

You Played Mediator When Things Went Down

A little cousin dispute may happen from time to time, and you're a pro at playing mediator and peacekeeper. When a fight over toys being shared broke out, it was always your job to decide what's fair and make everyone happy again.

Your cousins always trust your judgement, and you had to be careful not to rat anyone out to the parents. You handled everything discreetly, like the pro that you are.

You Had Final Say In What Games You Played

Growing up, you were always the one to choose what games everyone played. You even got to make the rules.

No matter what suggestions were thrown out, like red rover or freeze tag, you always really picked what you wanted to play. Now, you still get your way by picking out what restaurant you're all going to for brunch — because you're the oldest and the boss!

You Ended Up Being Babysitter A Lot

The adults always expected you to babysit. You didn't mind taking on the responsibility, because it was fun having authority, but it was usually for free. Honestly, you still think about sending your family a giant bill for all the babysitting fees they owe you.

You Were The First To Graduate Onto The Grown-Up Table During Holiday Dinners

The adults' table on holidays was always your goal as a kid. You couldn't wait to sit with the grown-ups, and join in on their "adult" conversations. That's why it was a big deal the first Thanksgiving when they made a special place for you at the table.

Let's be honest: You felt pretty cool looking over at the kids from where you were sitting. (Goodbye, kid's table. Hello, fancy wine glasses!)

Everyone Always Ran To You For Advice

As the older one who experienced everything in life first, you were the wise one with the best advice to offer. Your little cousins always came to you to ask about things like school and how to put on makeup.

Nowadays, your cousins still text you when they need advice on dating and dealing with work problems. They know they can always count on you.

You Became The Bridge Between The Adults And The Kids

You constantly stood on that bridge between your little cousins and the adults in your family. You were the one who relayed messages between the two groups. As confusing as it was, you enjoyed having a foot on both sides.