The 8 Best Things About Having A Cousin The Same Age As You

I don't know where I would be without my cousins. A big family almost seems incomplete without that cousin who's like your sibling, because you're just that close. And when you and your favorite cousin are born in the same year, you know you hit the jackpot. The best things about having a cousin the same age as you are going to keep multiplying, because you're experiencing basically every milestone together.

You've both experienced gushing over your first crushes, and have also shared unforgettable college stories. If you don't have siblings, your cousin is like your lifeline, and you couldn't imagine facing the world without them by your side. They are chasing their dreams and making memories with you at the same time. You have been swapping life tips since you discovered how to trick your parents into thinking you were sleeping when you weren't. So, why stop now?

When you're first getting used to being an adult, the last thing you want to feel is alone. Thankfully, your cousin is there figuring out those adult struggles with you. You love your immediate family and friends, but your same aged cousin is a huge piece of your life, too, because of these eight reasons.

You've Shared So Many Milestones With Them

Your cousin is your ride or die. Your age has allowed you to go through those first day of high school jitters together, and having butterflies after your first date. You two are genuinely experiencing life together, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

They're Your Best Friend

Not many people can say that their bestie shares the same bloodline as they do. Even if you guys didn't, you two would be closer than ever. You were inseparable as kids, and now that you're older, it hasn't really changed one bit. Adulting is scary AF at times, and it's so comforting to have someone so special right by your side.

They Made Your Sleepovers Unforgettable

As a kid, you never had to worry about no one showing up to your sleepovers. If your cousin was invited, you knew you could count on them to be there. Honestly, even if it was just the two of you having a sleepover, they were still the best times ever.

You Can Relate To Them On Another Level

There's just something about having someone your age right by your side. You feel understood and you can talk about anything. The chemistry is unmatched, and you feel extra lucky that this person is literally your family, too.

You Always Have A Plus One For Events

Are you agonizing RSVPing for a wedding you don't have a date for? Well, your cousin is here to save the day. They'll not only attend, but they'll tear up that dance floor with you. What did you do to deserve them?

You Get To Go All Out For Each Other's Birthdays

You and your cousin turn a brand new age together every year, so that means double the celebration. There's no competition regarding who turned up the best. Ultimately, you're excited about having a partner for every age and what comes with it.

They'll Cover For You If You Have To Miss A Family Function

The loyalty is strong with this one. Did you have to cancel on your family outing because that person finally asked you out and you don't want to miss it? Your cousin totally understands and will stand behind your made-up excuse like no other.

Your Double Dates Are Entertaining As Heck

As much as you and your cousin could have an exceptional amount of fun together, you love going on double dates with them. There's no rivalry, just a shared interest in trying new things with your boos. Yes, rehashing old childhood stories is always the highlight of the night.

You and your cousin will tally those years together forever. Luckily, your bond is timeless.