If You’re The Carrie Bradshaw Of Your Friend Group, These 5 Things Are So Accurate

Let's be honest: Some of your role models are characters from your favorite television shows. Pam Beesly from The Office inspires you to always be sweet and kind, and Rachel Green from Friends is your fashion icon. But out of all the characters that have been created and loved over the years, one stands out and remains the true queen of your heart. Spoiler alert: She's the queen of New York City, the wise woman in the Manolo Blahnik shoes, and the person you channel 24/7. She's the master of love and life, and navigating the "real world." If you're the Carrie Bradshaw in your friend group, then you can totally relate to these five things.

Now, full disclosure: I haven't seen every single episode of Sex and the City. Keeping up with all of the gossip, trendy restaurants, and moments with Mr. Big simply wasn't in the cards for me. But I do know a great deal about Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, and, of course, Carrie.

I know that eating cupcakes and talking about crushes happens on the reg, and that these women basically invented brunching with your besties. I also know that sometimes watching a movie is better than falling in love, and that friendship is more than a trend. Most importantly, I know that you love these five things about yourself, because you basically are Carrie Bradshaw.

You're Unapologetically Yourself

First things first: You're unapologetically you. Like Carrie, you don't make excuses or explain your emotions or opinions. You own them, like the most iconic pieces in your closet, and always live your best and realest life.

That's because, at some point, you learned that any curveballs you face along the way are a part of you and your story. Every rough patch is fate kicking you in the shins and saying, "Keep going, you're getting there."

You are getting there. Embracing what life throws at you with confidence will turn your life from an average walk in Central Park to an adventurous night in the middle of Manhattan.

Your Friendships Are Super Important To You

You don't have to be an avid fan of Sex and the City to know that Carrie loves and appreciates her friends so much. They're her rocks, and the ones she goes to when she needs to advice, an idea for an article, or to talk out a situation. The best part? Each one of her friends has a different personality and perspective, which makes this girl crew stronger than ever.

You're the same way with your BFFs. You're bonded for life — even if you didn't grow up in the same place or have the same career path. On Saturday mornings, you converse about the butterflies you got on a first date or the latest exhibition going on at someone's art gallery. You laugh over mimosas, and pinky promise you'll stick together forever. After all, you're each other's soulmates — through the thick, the thin, and all the tears.

You Splurge And Treat Yourself

You're a firm believer that everybody needs to practice self-care and treat themselves. They need to buy the items they've been eyeing in the store window for months, and take bubble baths with good music playing in the background. I couldn't agree more. Carrie would be on your side, too.

She's truly the queen of splurging and doing what makes you happy. Whether it's picking up a new pair of shoes, dancing in a white dress in her closet, ordering a Cosmopolitan with fast food, or going out on the town with her BFFs — she always has her best interests in mind.

You're Ambitious With Your Dreams And Your Heart

If there's one thing you've learned from this iconic show and Carrie, it's to never settle for anything. Don't say "yes" to the lovers who broke your heart, or the people who don't believe in the beauty of your dreams. Instead, shake them off and remind yourself that you're capable of leaping over every obstacle — and then leap.

Even when you fall on the runway, pick yourself up and put it in the past. In addition, let go of the things that are holding you back, so that you can focus on the person — the beautiful, inspiring, and totally ambitious human — you were meant to be.

You're Known For Giving Advice On Life And Love

Last but not least, you're the Carrie in your friend group, because you're known for giving quality advice on life and love. Everybody comes to you, because they know you'll approach them with lots of honesty. (What more could you ask for in a BFF?)

TBH, you love those moments, because they allow you to be your most genuine self and often inspire you in your own life. They give you perspective, purpose, and #content for the group chat — or your latest article.

That's something to truly love about yourself, and embrace 24/7. Carrie would be so proud of you, and I am, too.