If You're Obsessed With 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before,' Buy These 8 Etsy Items

It's been a few weeks since To All The Boys I've Loved Before dropped on Netflix, and most of us are still swooning over it. Seriously, though: Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean will forever be #CoupleGoals (and Peter K is one major hunk). You may have just watched the movie for the first time, or if you're like me, you've already seen it a million times. Either way, if you're obsessed with To All The Boys I've Loved Before, you'll definitely want some Peter K and Lara Jean-inspired items from Etsy.

Just like Lara Jean realized she loved Peter K, you fell pretty hard for this romantic flick. It's no wonder that Etsy also jumped on the To All The Boys I've Loved Before train with shirts, coffee mugs, and even candles available for purchase. There really is something for everyone. So, if you need some new back-to-school clothes, decor for your dorm room, or just want to show off your love for Peter K, you'll certainly find something on this list to add to your shopping cart. Get to shopping, and then, get back to cuddling up on the couch and watching the movie again. (No shame here, I'm doing the same thing.)

1This T-Shirt Will Give You The Feels

Peter Loves Lara Jean Shirt


You're just a hopeless romantic who is searching for the Peter K to your Lara Jean, so let everyone know what your heart desires with this adorable T-shirt. (Though, if you had your very own Kavinsky, you'd probably skip over the fake dating and go straight to the real deal.)

2Let Everyone Know You're Crushing On Peter K With This Mug

If You're Not Peter Kavinsky Mug


Some people don't want to talk to anyone until they've had their first cup of coffee in the morning. Well, you're not letting anyone near you unless their name is Peter Kavinsky. Sorry, not sorry. Your heart beats for only one. Until then, you'll just be over here sipping from this mug.

3Light A Peter K Candle For Your Next Girls' Night In

'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Handmade Soy Wax Candle


Candles are especially cozy in the fall fall, so you'll want to get your hands on one of these, inspired by the movie. The Peter Kavinsky candle smells like a sports field, aftershave, and chewing gum. That's exactly what you'd imagine he'd smell like if you were Lara Jean walking up to him during lacrosse practice to tell him, "Let's do this."

4Get Cozy In Peter Kavinsky's Lacrosse Hoodie

'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Lacrosse Hoodie


Let's be real: In high school, you loved borrowing bae's hoodie and wearing it around school. It was a cozy and sweet way to show off that you two were an item. Well, make those high school fantasies a reality with this Peter Kavinsky lacrosse hoodie. It looks just like the one he wears in the movie.

5Decorate Your Room With The Wise Words Of Lara Jean

'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Digital Art


If you're looking to decorate your dorm room, let Lara Jean help you out with a cute digital print. This 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' quote is actually perfect for the new school year. You'll encounter a lot of firsts, which are always great, because they are new beginnings.

6Get Your Very Own Love Letter With This Pin

Peter Kavinsky Love Letter Pin


When you watched the movie for the first time, you likely wished you had your very own love letter. Ask Etsy, and you shall receive! This cute AF pin looks just like the letter Lara Jean sent to Peter Kavinsky, and it'll look great on your favorite denim jacket this fall.

7Represent With This "Team Kavinsky" Shirt

Team Peter Kavinsky T-Shirt


There really was no competition when it came to Josh Sanderson versus Peter Kavinsky. Just like Lara Jean, you are (and will forever be) team Peter. Though, it doesn't hurt to show off what side you're on with this clever "Team Kavinsky" shirt.

8Tie It All Together With Lara Jean's Favorite Scrunchie

Rivet Scrunchies


One of the biggest questions you were probably left with after watching the movie was, "Where can I get a scrunchie like Lara Jean's?" Luckily for you, Etsy is here to save the day with these Lara Jean-inspired scrunchies. There are 12 patterns to choose from, so you could even get one as a gift for every friend in your squad. It could be a nice present for your next movie night, where I assume you'll be watching 'To All The Boys I've Love Before' again.