If You & Your Friend Have A Blair & Serena Friendship, These 7 Things Are So True

There are some things in life that are truly one in a million. For you, that's your best friendship. There are friends, and there are best friends — but what you and your main squeeze have is something even more. You have what I like to call the "Serena and Blair friendship" that can withstand anything and everyone. Like S and B, you've been through so much together over the years (including some petty drama), but the one constant has been your undying love for each other. Only you would know if you and your friend have a Blair and Serena friendship, and this article will have you both saying, "Same."

Your life may not be as extra and bougie as the Upper East Side lifestyle known to these two Gossip Girl besties, but I'm sure watching these two every week was like looking into a mirror. There are a lot of iconic TV friendships, but you and your BFF know that you have a Blair and Serena friendship, because of these seven key traits. So, remember to hug the S to your B extra tight, and then get right back to re-watching all seasons of Gossip Girl together. XOXO.

1. You're Not Afraid To Address Issues Head-On

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Sure, Blair and Serena had some petty fights throughout the years, but they always managed to get back together. They knew that deep down they loved each other, and no matter what drama they got involved in, they weren't going anywhere. You and your bestie aren't afraid to address any issues that are bugging you head-on, and that's how you're able to overcome them.

2. You Know Exactly What To Do To Cheer Each Other Up

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When your bestie is having the worst day, you know exactly what will cheer her up, whether it's her favorite rom-com, a box of red velvet cupcakes, or taking her for a manicure. Serena knew how to brighten Blair's spirits by taking her on a spontaneous photo shoot in Central Park. That's what true best friends are for.

3. She's More Like Your Sister Than Your Friend

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Serena and Blair didn't just refer to each other as best friends; they were "sisters." Even though she's not related by blood, you consider your best friend your soul sister. Your bond is so much stronger than besties with matching bracelets and secret handshakes.

4. You Have Nicknames Together That Everyone Else Gets In On


You and your best friend are known as a package deal, and because of that, you might even have nicknames that go together. Serena and Blair always referred to each other as S and B. Having nicknames is just another sign that your friendship is on another level.

5. You Have Your Go-To Hangout Spot

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The Met steps were Serena and Blair's go-to hangout spot in school. The steps were known as their reigning ground together. You and your bestie have a similar spot that if anyone is looking for you two, that's probably the first place they'd check.

8. You Know She Always Has Your Back

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There was always drama in the world of Gossip Girl, and I honestly couldn't keep track of who was in a fight with who sometimes. Though, Blair and Serena always knew, and even when they were fighting with each other, they still had each other's back (just like when they faked a fight to get back at Juliet). You know that no matter what, your bestie will always be there for you.

7. You Know You Don't Need A Bae When You Have Your BFF

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Blair and Serena both saw their fair share of heartbreak throughout the series, but it was always S and B who had the greatest love story. When Blair wanted to leave town, Serena was the one who showed up to stop her from going. She reminded her that, "We'll get through this together." Baes may come and go, but your bestie is there for life.