7 Best 'Gossip Girl' Moments Only The Serena To Your Blair Could Ever Understand

The drama level in Gossip Girl is taken up a few notches from real life, but the amazing friendship of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen is something that's totally relatable. These girls have been friends since they were kids, so naturally, they experienced some ups and downs, but they were always meant to be best friends forever. They played with our heartstrings as they transitioned from friends, to “frenemies,” then back to best friends, but over the course of the series, there’s no denying that they loved each other dearly. If you have a best friendship just like theirs, you and your BFF can totally relate to more than one best Gossip Girl moments throughout the course of the series.

Minus the elite New York City Upper East Side lifestyle, you and your BFF most likely yell out “same” when watching episodes together, because Blair and Serena are just like you and your partner in crime. Hopefully, there’s a lot less backstabbing, love triangles, and drama, but watching these seven Gossip Girl moments are essentially just like looking into a mirror of you and your BFF. Sure, there was a mysterious "Gossip Girl" thrown into the mix, but the show was really about the friendship of Blair and Serena, and just like B and S, you can’t imagine anyone else by your side until the very end. So, tell your friend how much you care, because you know you love her. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

You’ll Always Be Her Support System, No Matter What Life Throws At You

When Blair confided in Serena about her eating disorder on Thanksgiving, Serena was there to help her out and be a great support system. Just like S and B, you and your BFF are always there for each other no matter what you are going through. Even if it's just a cold, you're there for your bestie with a container of her favorite chicken noodle soup and a great chick flick to help her cope.

You Go On Fun Adventures Together On The Regular

You and your BFF make going on friendship adventures a priority. You may not be able to fly in a private jet to Paris like B and S (which was such an epic episode), but you're always checking off fun activities on your bucket list together, including going on weekend getaways and hitting up all of the trendy brunch spots in town. Any activity is an exciting adventure with your bestie.

You Have Your Own Photoshoots, Obviously

When Blair's mom chooses her to be the new face of her clothing line, but things don't pan out, Serena snags her BFF, some downright adorable clothes, and they hit the city streets and have their very own photoshoot. You and your bestie are all too familiar with a successful bestie photo session. You're constantly taking pics together for Instagram.

You Consider Each Other Sisters

That moment when Blair dropped the line, "We're sisters. You're my family, what is you is me. There's nothing that you could ever say to make me let go. I love you," we experienced all the feels. Blair and Serena are seriously like sisters. They may not come from the same family, but they are still family to each other. Your BFF is practically related, too. Your parents probably even ask about her just like she's blood related, and her family does the same about you.

You Help Build Each Other Back Up When You’re At Your Worst

When Blair has a Gossip Girl scandal in season one, and wants to escape town, Serena is the one to show up and ask her to stay. Serena reminds Blair that when she's down, she's right there to help her back up and start over. You are there for your best friend, and you can get through anything together.

You Have The Same Enemies

If your BFF hates someone, you hate them, too. You have her back no matter what — just like when Serena and Blair joined forces to fight back at Juliet who had been antagonizing Serena. I have to admit, their fake fight was pretty convincing, although we all knew the true friends weren't really fighting.

Just Like S And B, You Have Nicknames For Each Other

This is a compilation of many moments, but throughout the show, Serena and Blair would call each other S and B. Just like these friends, you and your BFF have fun nicknames for each other as well. They might not be as simple as one letter, but you have a secret language together that only you and your bestie could ever understand.