If You Want To Adopt A Dog, Here's When It'll Finally Happen, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Dogs are made of pure magic. There's simply no better way to put it. They're overwhelmed with excitement when you get home from work and heartbroken when you leave. They look at you with those big beady eyes that make you feel so seen. They pull you out of the house for an energizing daily walk. When you're feeling down, they curl up in a ball next to you, letting you know that they'll always be by your side. To your dog, you're the most amazing person who ever lived. The love is real. Knowing when you'll adopt a dog, according to your zodiac sign, might have so much to say about your lifelong journey through dog ownership.

It doesn't matter if they're a precious little Chihuahua or a mountainous Great Dane. Every single dog has the soul of an angel. And even though I'm sure the majority of us would love to have one in our lives, a dog does require a whole lot of work. They're living, breathing things, and you need to dedicate a huge chunk of your life to caring for them. A lot of preparation is involved, as well as maturity. If you're not ready yet, you can always look at videos of puppies to get the love out of your system. If you are ready, however, what are you waiting for?


It doesn't matter whether or not you've been contemplating adopting a dog for a while. The second you see the dog of your dreams, you adopt them. It doesn't matter what size or breed they are either. Even if you don't know how you're going to pull it off, you figure it out. Regardless of the unexpected change, you don't regret it one bit.


You've probably been thinking of adopting a dog for quite some time. You've been researching all the various breeds, visiting different shelters, and you've probably got at least ten different pups on your mind. You're fully prepared, buying all the right doggie supplies way before you even adopt the dog.


After researching all the available dogs, you've probably narrowed it down to two adoptable options. You go back and forth on which one you actually want to bring home. After much deliberation, you'll probably just end up biting the bullet and adopting them both, even though you know it'll be double the work.


You adopt a dog for the cuddles and the unconditional love. You need a dog that never wants to be away from you, a dog you can possibly even bring in your purse wherever you go. The second an adoptable dog makes your heart flutter with overwhelming love, you know it's time to bring them home.


You adopt a dog when you find the most amazing dog you've ever seen. You're willing to be patient in order to find that pup. You'd love to have a dog that attracts just as much attention as you do. Once you find that dog, you take it everywhere with you, garnering love, praise, and smiles wherever you go.


While you may be the logical and rational type, all those characteristics fly out the window the second you find the right dog. And it doesn't just stop there. One dog leads to another, and then to another, until your house is full of them. You dedicate plenty of time to training them so that they don't make a mess everywhere.


You're always thinking about finding the doggie companion of your dreams. You also want that dog to be just as luxurious and adorable as you are. When you find a dog that loves being pampered and cared for as much as you do, you waste no time before bringing it home. Your entire social media page inevitably becomes photos of your dog.


You want a dog that needs you as desperately as you need them. There must be a deep bond between you two from the second you meet. At that point, you'll do anything for your dog, and I mean anything. You'll become one of those people who calls their dog their "children" protecting them from all harm.


Your dream dog is fearless, energetic, playful, and free: a dog you know can accompany you on all your adventures. You can sense their wild spirit from the minute you look into their eyes, and you know they'll be your ride or die for life. At that point, you'll probably ditch humans for a while and spend all your time with your canine soul mate.


While you might love and adore every dog you meet, you're very responsible before actually making the decision to bring one home. You want to make sure you're doing everything right and not rushing into the decision. After plenty of contemplation, you settle on the dog who has the most intelligent, mature, and regal spirit of all.


While you're apprehensive about the responsibility of a dog at first, you can't resist a dog who has just as eccentric of a spirit as you do. You're the first person to adopt a dog with a unique look, perhaps even a disability or a personality quirk. If you can tell not many would appreciate the beauty of a certain dog as well as you would, you waste no time before signing the papers.


Your love knows no bounds and you probably struggle not to adopt every single available dog you see. However, actually going through with the trouble of making it happen takes you some time. You might even need a friend to help push the process along and they'll gladly do it, knowing a dog would make your life so much better.