If You & Your BFF Love 'Gossip Girl,' These 10 Airbnbs Will Make You Feel Like S & B

If you want to travel in style on your next getaway, who better to channel than Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen? If you are a huge Gossip Girl fan, you definitely have the Upper East Side of Manhattan on your travel bucket list. You may even have a best friend trip planned with the Serena to your Blair. So, when you're deciding on where to stay, if you love Gossip Girl, you'll love these classy AF places on Airbnb. (You can thank me later.)

Most of these spots are steps away from prime shooting locations from the show. By day, you and your bestie can prance around Central Park, eat lunch on the steps of the Met, and go shopping on Fifth Avenue. Then at night, get cozy and watch some of your favorite episodes from the show for a girls' night in at your very own Waldorf penthouse.

There aren't solely New York City apartments on this list, either. You'll be jet-setting to Gossip Girl-esque spots across the globe. Just remember to pack your most Blair-worthy outfits and bring your camera along. You'll be snapping pics left and right that you'll want to post, so all of your social media followers can swoon.

Happy travels. *XOXO, Gossip Girl.*

This Chic Manhattan Apartment Has The Perfect Location

It may not be the Upper East Side, but this midtown apartment is still close to your favorite Gossip Girl spots. Be sure to check out Lotte New York Palace (aka, where Serena's luxe apartment is located in the show). Take pics for the 'Gram in the lobby to channel S and B. Then, if you're 21 or over, grab a drink from the Trouble's Trust bar and toast to a successful girls' getaway.

Live The Glam Life Near Grand Central In This Apartment

This luxurious apartment at The St. Regis is also located in midtown Manhattan. Take a stroll to Grand Central Terminal, where you'll snap some cool pictures as urbanites race to catch their trains. You can also drop by The Campbell in Grand Central, which you'll recognize from the Gossip Girl pilot. Grab a drink, and listen to live jazz (on Sundays).

This Cozy Studio Is Near Central Park

This cute and cozy studio on the Upper East Side is so close to Central Park, you'll want to kick off every day enjoying a croissant on one of the benches. If you're traveling with your bestie, plan out a chic photo shoot just like Serena and Blair did when S was trying to cheer up B.

This NYC Apartment Is Close To Those Iconic Steps Of The Met

On the top of your Instagram pic musts, you have to get a snap eating lunch on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, just like Blair and Serena. When you stay at this cozy apartment on the Upper East Side, you'll really be just a short walk away. So, grab your yogurt, camera, and bestie, because your Instagram dreams are waiting to come true.

You'll Be Close To Constance Billard At This NYC Studio

The Constance Billard School for Girls (aka, Blair and Serena's private school) doesn't exist in real life; it's actually The Museum of the City of New York. When staying at this private studio apartment, you'll be as close as you can get if you're looking to capture a picture posing in front of "Constance."

Channel Dan Humphrey In This Cool Brooklyn Loft

If you'd rather live a Dan Humphrey lifestyle on vacay, stay at this hip loft in Brooklyn. This is the perfect retreat for any writers who are looking to pen their very own Gossip Girl. Plus, the best part about staying outside of Manhattan is that you get the best view of that gorgeous cityscape at night when all of the buildings are lit up.

Get A Mix Of Waldorf And Humphrey Vibes At This Brooklyn Studio

This studio in Brooklyn has all the charm and locale of Dan Humphrey, but the space and decor of a Blair Waldorf. You basically get the best of both worlds, and you'll also be close to the Brooklyn Bridge, which is not only fun to walk across, but provides some great views for pictures.

Have A Weekend Away In The Hamptons At This Cute Cottage

Any Upper East Sider knows that summers are spent in the Hamptons. You'll feel as classy as possible while staying at this adorable East Hampton cottage. Don't forget to pack your floppy beach hat for when you spend the days by the shore, and pretend you're part of the Gossip Girl crew.

You'll "Always Have Paris" When You Stay At This Elegant Apartment

I don't know about you, but ever since I saw Blair and Serena hitting up Paris, it's been a dream of mine to spend a summer there with my BFF. You can go to art museums and shop for clothes in the cutest boutiques. You'll definitely have a Gossip Girl vacation together while staying at this classy apartment, complete with an adorable balcony.

'Gossip Girl' Meets Beverly Hills With This Sweet Venice Apartment

If Gossip Girl was set in California and not New York City, you know the Upper East Side would be Beverly Hills. Instead of shopping on Fifth Avenue, head to Rodeo Drive. And instead of lunch on the Met steps, you could eat on the sand at the beaches in Venice. That's exactly the kind of crossover you can have when you stay at this Venice apartment.