8 Mantras To Manifest At The Start Of A New Relationship, Because A Lot Is Changing

Whether you've just deleted your Tinder, finally had the DTR talk, or kicked it '50s style and decided to totally go steady with your honey, if you just started a new relationship you may be feeling a lot of feelings. From leftover nerves from nightmare first dates to total jumping-up and down excited, solidifying your status with a new boo sometimes means some big lifestyle changes. If you've just started a new relationship, it can be monumental to remember to take time for yourself. While you care for your new partner deeply, checking in with your own thoughts and feelings is still super important!

With all of life's transitions like relationships starting or ending, repeating mantras can be a great way to recenter your thoughts and remember your strength. Self-affirmation is a super important practice, whether it's combating imposture syndrome at a new job, cultivating confidence with a new hairstyle, or finding comfort and clarity within a new romantic relationship. Starting a new relationship can be intimidating, but it's important to remember that you deserve all the love and happiness this world has to offer.

If you've just started a new romance, and you're feeling a lot of feelings, here are eight mantras to keep you calm and confident.

I Deserve To Be Happy And Loved And This Is Going To Be OK

If you haven't dated for a while, if you've never had a partner, or if your last relationship left you heart broken, the prospect of a new relationship may be a little nerve-wracking.

Remembering you are strong and good, that you deserve all the love in the world, and that no matter what this new relationship has in store — breakups, makeups, or even happily ever after — you are going to be OK.

I Am Choosing To Be With This Person In This Moment

If your new relationship seems to be moving fast or if you can't seem to stop thinking about the future, it can be helpful to take a breathe and live in the moment.

Remember that you are choosing to date your boo, choosing to spend your precious time with them, and that you are choosing so in this moment. Starting a new relationship doesn't mean you're bound to them for life, or that you'll never date other people again — it can mean whatever you want it to mean. You can live in the present, and take your relationship one day at a time.

I Honor The Connection Between Me And My Partner

New relationships are exciting! You found someone you like that likes you back and you're intentionally choosing to spend time together!

Taking time to honor and celebrate the connection you've found can be a super important practice. You deserve to be excited in your relationship, and deserve to take time to be happy and to celebrate.

I Am Thankful To Share Space And Intimacy With My Partner

Cultivating gratitude for your partner can be a super important practice in making them feel celebrated.

Being grateful can mean a lot of things. Maybe you share that you're excited to have them or happy that you're on the same page. It's so rare and special to share intimacy with someone and expressing that you're thankful for who your partner is can make them feel super valued.

I Will Still Make Time For Myself, My Hobbies, My Friends, And My Family

New relationships are super exciting, but having a partner doesn't mean leaving your own life behind.

Remembering to take time for yourself and your needs, as well as your friends and family, is an important practice as you start a new relationship.

Marking out specific nights to go to dance class, do a face mask, or order takeout with your roommates, can set health boundaries and provide you with space to be your own person.

I Was Full And Complete Before This Started And I Will Be Full And Complete If This Ends

Finding someone who wants to be in a relationship with you can feel like finding a missing piece to a puzzle. Yet, you are full and complete no matter your romantic status.

Your new partner may be the avocado to your toast, but lest we forget: Avocados and toast are awesome on their own too. Going into a new relationship, it's important to remember you were full and whole before you and your boo DTR, and in the event of a breakup, you'll be full and whole again.

I Will Not Hide Myself Or My Emotions From My Partner

When you enter a partnership you essentially join a team. Communication and open dialogue about what you're thinking, how you're feeling, and what you want are incredibly important within a relationship.

Feeling your feelings unapologetically, and being open to sharing them with your boo, is a great practice in being authentic and honest with your partner.

I Will Not Feel Bad For Stating My Needs And Desires, And Ensuring That They Are Met

From sexual needs to food cravings to anything in between, you are allowed to ask for what you want. Sharing your needs and desires with your partner allows them to understand how they can best support you.

Clearly sharing what you want, and how you partner can give it to you, like oral sex, Bravo TV, and Kraft Easy Mac (not necessarily in that order), can help your partner be the best partner they can be.

Also, being open and honest about how you're feeling can nip any potential for resentment about your boo getting the wrong kind of ice cream or always running late to date night in the bud.

If you're at the start of a new relationship, it's OK to be excited, confused, or even a little scared. Reminding yourself that you are in control, that you deserve love and happiness, and to live in the present can be great practices for starting new partnerships. You are strong and amazing, and anyone who wants to be in a relationship with you clearly has impeccable taste.