4 Ways Dating Someone Can Change Your Lifestyle, So You’re Not Surprised

by Korey Lane

When you start a new relationship, you probably have a pretty strong sense of the person you're dating. You know if they're super into CrossFit or eating vegan, or if they exclusively watch Bravo reality TV shows. (More power to them honestly.) So it might not come as too much of a shock if you, too, start adopting those same habits after a few months of dating. The fact of the matter is, there are quite a few ways dating someone can change your lifestyle, and honestly? It's not always a bad thing.

But let's back it up a bit. What does it even mean if your lifestyle changes once you start dating someone new? "Lifestyle choices can revolve around what kind of food you’ll be eating, where you’ll be eating, where you will be traveling to, and what kind of experiences you’ll be having day to day," John Keegan, dating coach, tells Elite Daily. "Are you interested in meditation, yoga, spiritual matters? Will your partner be into those things and will that be important to you that they are? Will you share in those experiences together?"

Dating someone definitely has the potential to change your lifestyle, but it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to let it. Here are the main ways in which your lifestyle might shift once you start dating someone new.

Your Sleep Schedule Could Change

If you start dating someone and find yourself staying at their place pretty regularly, or vice versa, then you might find that your sleep schedule feels a little off at first. "If your partner is an early riser but you are not, you have two options: sleep in after them or get up at the same time," Sasha Aurund, editor at Psych&Sex, tells Elite Daily. "If you are OK, and happy with making the change to wake up earlier — then this could be a positive lifestyle change." You could use that time to work out, prepare a balanced breakfast, or just take your time getting ready for whatever commitments you have during the day.

Again, whether or not you're willing to change your sleeping patterns when dating someone new is your call, but sleeping with them regularly can have an impact on how much sleep you're getting.

2.Your Diet Might Shift

If you have a special kind of diet, like vegan or dairy-free, and your partner doesn't, you might find your diet shifting, or that of your partner's if they're willing. "If you eat healthy and your partner does not but you are eating every meal together, the logical evolution of your diet would become unhealthy unless you are going to cook two separate meals," Aurund says. Maybe you can convince them to eat healthier, or maybe you're OK with loosening your diet a little. Whatever the case, don't feel like you have to change your eating habits just because your partner's are different.

Your Appearance Can Also Potentially Change

It might seem odd, but if you're dating someone and your lifestyle is changing, it's likely that your appearance is changing, too, Aurund says. "We seem to choose partners who look like us in the first place, and the longer we’re with a partner, the more we come to look like them."

If you can't tell whether your lifestyle has changed since dating someone, look in the mirror. "Couples do the same activities, eat the same foods, get the same amount of sleep, etc. Each of these shared activities affects the body and, in turn, the appearance."

Your Social Habits Might Change, Too

Everyone has their own preference for how they want to spend their Friday nights. Whether you like to stay in and watch Netflix or go out bar-hopping is totally up to you. However, if you date someone who likes to stay in, but you like to go out, you might run into some conflict when the weekend hits. "Sometimes people get involved with people that have a party lifestyle, keep odd hours, and have poor eating habits," Keegan says. "When you chose a partner with [a] totally different lifestyle than the lifestyle you are trying to move into, you will feel stuck and unfulfilled."

Dating someone means that you'll probably be spending more time with them, which in turn means that you might adopt some of their habits and lifestyle choices. But remember that you never have to. And even if you do find your habits changing, keep in mind: "As our lifestyles change or merge together, it's not a bad thing," Aurund says. Just make sure that you're comfortable with the changes, because no one should have to wake up at 5 a.m. to work out if they don't want to. (Even if bae is up at 4:45.)