If You Have A Cousin Who's More Like A Sister, These 10 Things Are So Relatable

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When it comes to cousins, you truly hit the jackpot. Not only are the two of you best friends forever, but your cousin is also like your soul sister since day one. Of course, it helps that you come from the same family and have basically grown up together — but if you have a cousin who's more like a sister, you also know that there's so much more than shared DNA between the two of you.

It's safe to say you're blessed with a pretty spectacular cousin-sister who wears multiple hats in her role. You swap clothes on the regular, have an endless amount of inside jokes, and aren't afraid to share your most embarrassing stories. (There's a no judgement zone when it comes to her.)

She's your partner in crime at all family events, your real-life throwback Thursday for every memory from childhood, and a personal diary that stores your secrets with a solid lock. You probably even get mistaken for real sisters all the time, and honestly love it.

Just like she's not just a friend, she's a best friend, your cousin is not just a cousin. She's truly your sister, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

You Get Mistaken For Sisters All The Time
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Since you're basically attached at the hip and can finish each other's sentences, you get mistaken as sisters on the regular. You don't even correct people when they tell you this, because they're not wrong.

Sometimes, You Bicker Like Sisters Do
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Just like sisters have little disagreements every once in a while about who stole whose sweater or who gets to control the Netflix for family movie night, you and your cousin also bicker at times. It's never anything too serious, because you could never stay mad at your BFF cousin. However, there's always that one incident when someone has to fight over the last slice of pizza.

She's The First Person You Call With Any News — Big Or Small
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If you and your cousin aren't hanging out, you can bet you're at least texting non-stop. You tell her everything. Whether it's a job promotion or you just saw the funniest YouTube video, she's always a phone call away.

Everyone Asks About Your Cousin When You're Not Together
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Whenever there's the off chance that you and your cousin aren't hanging out, you can bet someone will ask about her. Since you're basically a package deal, you know that when one is without the other, people will wonder what's up. It's a good thing you always know where she is, so you have an answer prepared.

You Debate Over Who's The Grandparents' Favorite
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Just like sisters fight over who's the parents' favorite, you and your cousin have an ongoing debate on who wins the title of favorite amongst your grandparents. You know the answer's that they love you both equally, but deep down, you know the truth. Just like deep down, your cousins thinks she does as well.

You Spend Your Vacations Together
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You've been going on family vacations together since you were little kids. You don't plan on changing that tradition any time soon. So when you're planning a trip, she's the first person you call to see if she can go.

You Have Some Of Her Clothes In Your Closet Right Now

The one thing sisters are known for is sharing each other's clothes. As sister-cousins, you do the same.

If you check your closet right about now, you'll likely be able to find at least one thing that you borrowed from your cousin. You also know exactly which sweaters of yours she has in her closet.

Her Parents Are Like Your Second Parents (And Vice Versa)
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Of course, you love your aunt and uncle very dearly, but when you're extra close with your cousin, you also get extra close with them. They're like a set of second parents that you can go to whenever you need them.

You Reminisce About The Same Shows You Watched Growing Up
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Since you've been besties since day one, that means you likely grew up loving the same Nickelodeon TV shows and '90s rom-coms. So, when the nostalgia becomes all too real, you can turn to your cousin for a much-needed trip down memory lane.

You Have Years And Years Of Inside Jokes

Best friends have inside jokes from the years they've known each other, but sisters have a lifetime full of them. You have so many jokes that have made you cry from laughing so hard on a number of occasions. You know that no matter what you're going through, your cousin can always put a smile on your face — and that's truly priceless.

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