If You Decorate Early AF For The Holidays, These 6 Things Are So Relatable

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and yes, I'm talking about the holiday season. I am also fully aware that it is still summertime and a million degrees outside, but inside my heart, it is cool, crisp, and covered in fall foliage. Oh, I'm dreaming of a festive holiday season, and even as we speak, I'm wearing a Halloween T-shirt. It's true, I might get a little too excited, but if you decorate early for the holidays, you know exactly how I feel.

Some people wait all year for the summer, or maybe even their birthday. I wait patiently for this epic three months of non-stop holiday fun. From October all the way through December, I am the happiest girl in the whole world. Is it so wrong to want to kick off the fun a little early on? I'm the kind of person who shows up to the party right on time when I know it's going to be a good time. Why deny yourself party time by being fashionably late?

It's not like I'm forcing everyone to drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes and watch Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat. (Although, that does sound like the perfect kind of plan.) I just like to get in the spirit by decorating as early as possible, and as a result, these six particular things speak to my soul, and you'll find yourself saying, "Same," as well. Pretty soon, everyone else will catch up. Until then, I'll be chilling in my holiday fantasy land.

Your Eyes Light Up At The Sight Of The Holiday Aisles In The Store

While everyone else complains when they see the holiday decoration aisle pop up earlier each year, you're smiling ear to ear. Your heart skips a beat when you see those spiderwebs and plastic skeletons for Halloween next to the hundreds of bags of candy. Stores all over the United States: Don't listen to the haters. Keep the decorations coming.

You're Tired Of Hearing People Say, "It's Too Early"

It may be "too early" for some, but for me, my holiday decorations are right on time. Look, if it were up to me, I would keep my decorations up year round. So, to anyone who thinks putting Halloween decorations up in August is wrong, just be grateful I took them down at all.

You Truly Believe The Earlier, The More Time To Celebrate

When you start decorating earlier, you get to celebrate longer, so of course you're all for it. That's just a fact! Only Scrooges are opposed to more holiday fun, am I right?

You Have A Holiday Box In Your Closet That You Can't Wait To Open

Every year, as sad as it is, you are forced to take down your holiday decorations. You have a box that sits in your closet with every plastic pumpkin for Halloween, leaf garland for Thanksgiving, and ornament for Christmas. That box is just calling your name to be opened like a present underneath your tree. The anticipation is all too real.

You Turn Decorating Into An All-Out Event

Decorating isn't simply putting holiday things around your house. It is an all-day affair. When you finally break out your box, you get into the spirit by streaming festive music or a holiday movie to watch while decorating. For Christmas, I put on the *NSYNC Christmas album when I'm decorating the tree with ornaments. That has become a tradition of its own.

You Continue To Add To Your Collection

Each year, you promise you won't buy anything else. Your holiday decoration collection is already so vast, and yet, there is always something that catches your eye. You can't help it, and therefore, the more in your collection, the earlier you have to put it up to enjoy it all.