I Took A Psychic Training Class & Now I Believe I Have The Power

Ever since I can remember, I've wondered if there was something more out there, something beyond everyday life. For me, "reality" has never quite been enough. I wanted access to something larger. Something infinite. When I was a child, I frequently had spiritual experiences that I have never forgotten about. Could I tap back into whatever power I was conjuring then? However, I knew the truth wouldn't just come to me. I had to go after the truth. When I took a psychic training class, I learned so much about myself and what I'm capable of, which is more than I ever realized.

You see, I didn't grow up in an overtly spiritual environment. Although we entertained the idea of a higher power, my family was never the religious sort. My dad would ask me: "Do you know if there's a god? Do you know that there isn't a god?" No, I did not. "Then you're an agnostic, like me. An 'enchanted' agnostic, of course."

The "agnostic" part of his reasoning made sense. Sure, based on hard evidence, we can't say that something does or doesn't exist. Still, I wanted more. So, really, it was the "enchanted" part of his argument that truly stuck with me. I wanted to learn more about the "enchanted."

After searching high and low for a class on psychic development that worked for me, I finally stumbled upon Maureen Allan, an instructor at HeartSpace School of Multidimensional Healing. As the date of the class grew nearer, I felt the butterflies in my stomach intensify. I wondered if I would open a door that cannot be closed. I wondered if I would awaken a dormant power that would overwhelm me. What I worried about most, however, was this: What if there was nothing truly "psychic" about me?

I wondered if I would open a door that cannot be closed. I wondered if I would awaken a dormant power that would overwhelm me.

Eventually, the day came, and all my concern dissipated the moment I entered the room. Allan radiated kindness and compassion that let me know there was nothing to be afraid of. After greeting our intimate class of three students, she let us know that she is a Master-level Channeler and an Oracle for Ascended Master Kuan Yin, the ancient Chinese Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy. Perched on the side table next to her was a statue of Kuan Yin, and I only wanted to know more.

Roya Backlund

"I'm in a trance right now," she began. "Kuan Yin is speaking through me." She explained that once we know her well enough, we might see Allan come through every now and then, but when she's teaching, it's Kuan Yin who takes over the reigns. "I never do anything without Kuan Yin," she continued.

What Is A Medium?

In simple terms, Allan explained that a medium is like a server at a restaurant. The medium receives messages from their spirit guides and their loved ones in the afterlife, then they deliver them to their client, much like a server delivers meals from the kitchen. The server does not have control over whatever the chefs are doing in the kitchen; they simply deliver the food as it is. The medium relays messages much the same, and it's imperative that they never embellish the images they receive or tell a story that isn't there.

She walked over to a painting of a beach that hangs on the wall of the classroom. She explained that sometimes, the message will come to the medium fully formed, and every detail will be clarified. Other times, only parts of the message will come through. Perhaps they receive only the ocean. Maybe they receive only the sand.

Allan also explained that our spirit guides and departed loved ones only deliver the messages that the client is ready to receive. If the client knows more than they're prepared to hear, it could have the adverse effect of instilling them with disbelief or fear, further distancing their connection with the spirit realm. "Deliver the message with honesty," she wrote on the white board.

How Does Mediumship Work?

But, how can someone establish a connection with the afterlife? Allan explained that it requires the opening and sharpening of the four "Clairs": clairvoyance (seeing), claircognizance (knowing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling). The further you strengthen your Clairs, the deeper you can activate your psychic power. These intuitive senses extend far beyond the physical realm and they are all rooted in the seven chakras of the human body.

These chakras are energy centers that float all around you, and all of us have them. Allan explained that when they're full of power, we are at our most psychic. When they are weak and drained, we're at our least. However, you also use them on a daily basis. Allan asked us all to picture our car in our mind. Can you see your car right now? That's your third eye, helping you see the image of your car. Your third eye is your clairvoyance.

Allan explained that in order to turn on your psychic power and connect to the higher realms, you must perform an "opening up" meditation, where you stimulate your psychic channels and ask your spirit guide to guide you through the process. This, we were all about to do together, and I was beyond ready.

She had us sit upright with both of our feet on the floor and our palms facing upward on our thighs. With the help of Kuan Yin, Allan guided us through the meditation. She explained that Kuan Yin was activating each of our chakras, powering it with heavenly light, and showing us the infinite universes we are capable of reaching. Kuan Yin then placed stones on our feet to ground us, keeping us firmly rooted in the earth. Finally, Allan repeated: "Kuan Yin, please open our psychic abilities," and the image of this Buddhist goddess opening a white door came over me.

Are We All Capable Of Mediumship?

Allan wasted no time in showing us that we all have psychic power. We're simply connected to it at different degrees. However, I wondered why some of us are more naturally tuned-in to their intuitive abilities than others. The more Allan spoke on the subject, the clearer the answer became: The biggest roadblock to activating your psychic power is fear.

Tapping into your sixth sense requires you to totally rearrange your perspective. Whether we're aware of it or not, the vast majority of us spend our lives fearing the unknown. We resist change.

Doesn't that make sense? Tapping into your sixth sense requires you to totally rearrange your perspective. Whether we're aware of it or not, the vast majority of us spend our lives fearing the unknown. We resist change. We reject the unfamiliar. We worry about how we might be judged for doing something non-traditional. These fear-based mentalities are cages that hold us in. They prevent us from discovering just how far we can fly.

Allan let us know that in order to switch on your intuitive abilities and forge a channel between you and your spirit guides, you must "detach from earthly expectations." In the class curriculum Allan provided us with, she writes: "Fears and doubts will sabotage you. They will cause you to dismiss a word, a vision, a knowing — a message."

Mind-blowing, right? But, is this easier said than done? I was about to find out, because once the "opening up" meditation had concluded, Allan announced that we would jump right in to some practice mediumship sessions.

My First Attempt At Mediumship

We were only an hour and a half into the first mediumship class I had ever taken, and we were already practicing mediumship. How can this be so simple? Will I actually be able to do it? I wondered to myself, concerned about failing to quiet the analytical part of my mind. I knew this could potentially open my eyes to a whole new world. This was the moment that could change everything. I went into my first attempt at mediumship totally overthinking, and it showed.

Here's how it worked: One student in the class would provide us with a deceased loved one's first name and the initial of their last name. We were instructed to keep our eyes open as we connected to them in the afterlife, focusing our minds on the image of a blank white screen. We were told to ask questions such as "What did you do for a living?" and "How did you die?" before writing down the first answers we received.

In all honesty, I distracted myself during my first attempt. I overanalyzed everything I was seeing and I didn't feel ready to trust myself. This resulted in me only writing down a few answers, and after reading them aloud to my classmate, most of them turned out to be incorrect.

Upon learning from my mistake, I decided to do exactly the opposite during my second attempt: I quieted my thoughts and instantly wrote down the first answers that came to me, searching for nothing more and nothing less than whatever my third eye received. That simple shift in my mentality opened the floodgates, and I couldn't believe how easily the messages began to arrive. When I read the dozens of notes I had to my classmate, she truly looked stunned by what I was able to tap into. While a few of them were not correct, the vast majority of them were.

I no longer had to doubt my psychic power. At that moment, I realized it was there and it's not going anywhere.

I finally had my answer. I no longer had to doubt my psychic power. At that moment, I realized it was there and it's not going anywhere. It's merely waiting for me to work harder at it, to give myself permission to activate it. To say that I felt excited about this realization would truly be an understatement.

With a heart full of knowing and a mind unshackled from former barriers, Allan guided us through a third eye cleansing meditation to end the class. As per usual, Kuan Yin led the way. We were told to see Kuan Yin wiping our third eyes clean with a white feather, and to witness the feather become gray as it absorbed lingering negativity and psychic residue. She then held a pink lotus flower up to our third eyes and we absorbed the color pink from the petals. It was probably the most beautiful and comforting meditations I had ever experienced in my life. I'll never forget it.

I walked away with a far deeper understanding of what I'm capable of and a wider vision of the universe at large. There truly is so much more than meets the eye, and believe it or not, you are capable of pulling back the veil and seeing so for yourself. It all starts with you, relinquishing your fear.