How You Solve Problems In Life, According To Your Pallas Sign

Everyone has their own unique way of navigating bumps in the road. Some of us might approach an issue with caution, holding back until we're absolutely sure of the decision we're about to make. Others might prefer to charge right into the problem and work it out as they go along. Regardless of whether you're one or the other, there's always a method to the madness. There's even an asteroid in your birth chart called Pallas that you've probably never heard of but it describes exactly how you solve problems in life, according to your Pallas sign.

No matter how emotional your moon sign makes you, how dreamy your Venus sign causes you to be, or how passionate your Mars sign motivates you feel about everything, your Pallas sign has her finger on every action you take. Even when your heart is behaving so erratically that you're about to send your ex a risky text, quit your job because you had a bad day, or sell your house and run away to a forest where you'll live as a hunter and gatherer because your twenty minute walk down the street was so rejuvenating, Pallas is there to talk some sense into you. Eventually, she'll take over the wheel and drive you to safety.

If you're not sure what your Pallas sign is, go ahead and put your time and date of birth into this birth chart calculator and find out.


Pallas in Aries does not shy away from diving head-first into solving a problem. Their vast supply of energy allows them to work fast, only gaining momentum the longer they work. Fueled by competition, they'll solve a problem before anyone notices there was a problem in the first place.


You're especially tune into your five senses if your Pallas is in Taurus, allowing you to notice when something's wrong almost immediately. You solve problems with gentle care, working patiently and delicately while you roll your sleeves up and get the job done yourself.


You talk your way out of problems, Pallas in Gemini. You know a little bit about everything and so it's easy for you to work through most issues with ease. You're also capable of multitasking, often solving the problem while preventing the next one from happening.


You're fluent in the language of emotions, Pallas in Cancer, and your ability to intuit the overall feeling in the room allows you to understand what's really going on. You skip straight to the core of the problem, helping you solve it from the root with love.


If your Pallas is in Leo, you solve problems through your charisma. You're also known for taking a problem and transforming it into something better than it was before. Instead of wallowing over the issue, you help everyone focus their attention on something grander.


A Pallas in Virgo analyzes the problem, then resolves it one step at a time. They don't rush through the process and in fact, often discover even more problems that others didn't notice. Of course, they fix those as well. By the time they're done, there's no way that problem will ever occur again.


You judge all sides of an issue before making a decision, Pallas in Libra. Of all the Pallas signs, you're the most natural lawyer. You seek justice when solving a problem and you let fairness dictate your method of fixing it. Once you've done your work, nothing has been left unreconciled.


You fixate on a problem with your entire being, Pallas in Scorpio, and you do not rest until it's fixed. You work in mysterious ways, often going above and beyond what is humanly possible and finding short-cuts that cleverly solve the issue. The way you detangle a mess is something of a marvel.


When there is a problem, Pallas in Sagittarius, you embark on an epic quest to solve it. You're the one who is brave enough to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done, no matter how daunting it may be. The way you work things out is borderline heroic.


If your Pallas is in Capricorn, it's doubtful that there even is a problem. You're so thorough and hard-working, you never let anything go wrong. However, when your skills are needed, you immediately get back to work and you don't even flinch. Crying about it is just a waste of time.


You see the bigger picture, Pallas in Aquarius, and you keep it in mind while solving problems. Your vision of something game-changing, something revolutionary fuels the decisions you make. When you fix an issue, you're formulating a plan to make that remedy last in the long run.


You empathize with all sides, Pallas in Pisces, and you make a decision that keeps everyone happy. You have everyone's best interests in mind and your method is so enlightening, you often solve problems in a way that makes people realize there wasn't really a problem in the first place.