How You Show Happiness When You Get Good News, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Getting good news can be just as overwhelming as getting, well, not so good news. I don't know about you, but sometimes, my reaction to hearing that I got something I wanted (or hey, getting something I didn't even know I wanted) can range from total relief to actual anxiety, because I worry I might screw it up. The Taurus in me wants good news to be followed by more good news, so I often have to remind myself to say thanks to the universe, you know? Thinking about how you show happiness, based on your zodiac sign's characteristics, can be a unique way to gain a new perspective on how you receive positive information.

Since I know I'm always on the lookout for shifting my mood and my general outlook on life for the better, my guess is you, dear reader, are doing the same. Take a look and see if your star sign can give you some hints about how you naturally respond to good news, and, if such news sometimes makes you feel anxious (same, girl!), how you can let yourself truly enjoy all the wonderful things that life has to offer you. Sometimes, it's just a matter of recognizing that there's a little bit of good news to find in every single day.

Capricorn, You're Used To This

Cap, you are no stranger to success. You win a lot, you finish the project, you get the accolades. Sometimes, you even just shrug your shoulders at good news.

Allow yourself to revel a little more when the opportunity presents itself. Enjoy every victory for what it is, even when it's a small one.

Aquarius, You Probably Won't Let On How You Really Feel

Even if you really do feel happy, you're probably not gonna go wild about it in public, dear Aquarius. Maybe behind closed doors, you'll do a fist pump, but when good news hits, you often just smile and nod.

Consider giving someone a hug of joy, because, why not? Trust me, it'll feel amazing.

Pisces, Do You Need A Tissue — Or Five?

Pisces, you have a lovely spirit, and when you feel happy about something, your reaction is sometimes to simply break down in tears.

You're never one to shy away from expressing your emotions, and in fact, you really don't know any other way. It's just in your nature, so go ahead and let those tears fall, my friend.

Gemini, You Might Need To Sit Down For A Sec

Sometimes, Gemini, you struggle to even trust that the good news you're getting is real, so you might feel a little confused, or even disoriented when you hear you got into that program you applied to, or that your crush actually likes you back.

Allow the sparkly dust to settle, and remember to let yourself smile when good fortune comes your way.

Aries, Let Yourself Enjoy The Moment

Oh, Aries. Just be happy about it, my friend! You have a tendency to wait for the other shoe to drop, but give yourself a moment or two to accept that not everything that goes up must come down, metaphorically speaking.

Virgo, You Can Exhale Now

You tend to feel a great sense of relief when you hear good news, Virgo. As a natural worrier, you just want things to be OK, all the time, forever and ever.

Take this as an opportunity to breathe, and remind yourself that a) worrying about something won't actually change the outcome, and b) most of the things you worry about, don't even turn out to be true.

Taurus, Remember To Say Thank You

When good things come your way, your knee-jerk reaction can sometimes be, "Uh, yeah, that's great news, and I would like more of it please, thank you."

Taurus, you love the good stuff. You want all the good stuff. And that's great! You deserve it, you work hard, and you show up for people. But don't forget to be grateful about it all, too, OK?

Shout It From The Rooftops, Cancer

Whether you laugh, cry, or write a poem about it, you are not afraid to sing out the good news on a hilltop, à la Sound of Music. Although you can be — ahem — crabby at times, you still let yourself get caught up in the miracle moments, too, which is key for your overall happiness.

Oh, and remember Cancer: Yes, you do deserve this.

Sagittarius, Don't Let Your Logical Side Sabotage Your Happiness

While you might, at first, be pleased as punch when you hear good news, once the feeling has a chance to sink in, you'll sometimes ask a question that spins the whole thing into a slightly negative perspective.

It's a good quality to be able to see both the good and the bad of most situations, Sag, but don't let that logic get in the way of your enjoyment.

You Knew This Was Coming, Scorpio

You do not have to be reminded to love yourself and expect the best, Scorp — which is great, but it might translate to a kind of, "It's about freakin' time" type of reaction in response to getting a big gift from the universe.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude, and lean into your more generous characteristics when you can. After all, the only thing better than feeling happy, is sharing that happiness with others.

Libra, Baby, Just Revel In It

You are so dang charming, that you'll probably make the person who told you the news feel like it's their good news, too. You just have this way of sharing the wealth of happiness and energy with others.

Don't forget to hold onto some of it for just you, Libra. You deserve this.

Leo, You're Going To Throw A Party

No surprise here, you are renting out the back room of a restaurant, popping the bubbly, and getting yourself a sparkling new outfit. You are not afraid to celebrate happiness, Leo, and you've even been known to make a speech every now and then at a party. Just keep it short this time so your guests can actually enjoy themselves, OK?

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