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Here's How You Made The Naughty List This Year, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Our parents really knew what they were doing when they spread the myth of Santa's naughty and nice list. As for me, I spent my whole year planning my Christmas wish list when I was younger, and the thought of unwrapping a lump of coal instead of the latest hot pink Barbie convertible was enough to make me a way more well-behaved kid. But, no one's perfect, and even the most virtuous of us all are capable of some moral depravity every now and then. What have you been up to over the past year? Or have you blocked your behavior from memory? I'm sure how you made Santa's naughty list, according to your zodiac sign, will be the tongue-in-cheek guilt trip that helps you remember.

Even if you don't know much about astrology, I'm sure you're at least aware of your zodiac sign's negative qualities. Despite how much we'd like to think we don't relate to these negatives, it's hard to deny that they creep up when we're not at our best. Luckily, if you're an adult, you've probably figured out that Santa's naughty list has no influence on the amount of presents you receive. Instead, it influences your conscience. (Personally, I'd rather deal with Santa.)

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Aries: Starting Fights All The Time

How many fights did you get into this year, Aries? Be honest. Your temper is easily flared up and you know your instinct is to engage in a full-blown argument when that happens. Even though you've heard all about taking a few deep breaths to rethink the insults you're prepared to hurl, you just couldn't resist winning the fight.

Taurus: Being Totally Judgmental

You may think you're giving people constructive criticism, but what you might actually be doing is judging them, Taurus. Did you let your judginess show one too many times? Even though you can be stubborn in your beliefs, not everyone leads the same life as you do. Santa definitely caught your perpetual eye roll.

Gemini: Ridiculing & Making Fun Of Others

You know you can't resist a laugh, Gemini, but how often did that laugh come at someone else's expense? You can't help but take the role of class clown very seriously, but running low on comedic material is no excuse for teasing someone where it hurts. Is other people's misfortune really that funny to you?

Cancer: Using Emotional Manipulation

Admit it, Cancer: You're not always as sweet and harmless as you'd like to think you are. You probably used your presumed innocence to your advantage a few times this year, right? Just because you can switch on the tears and get your way doesn't mean you should. It's not fair to exploit people's sensitivity.

Leo: Thinking Everything Is About You

How deep did your self-involvement run this year, Leo? You know you love attention and being a star, but how often did you do something for selfish gain without considering how it affects others? In your desire to shine the brightest, you may have inadvertently (or purposefully) dulled someone else's light.

Virgo: Withholding Your Empathy

You strive for flawlessness and perfection, but even you are not perfect. However, you can't help but feel like you've got it all figured out. You know you have the tendency to cut off your sensitivity to someone's situation, simply because it's their fault they screwed up. But hey, don't you remember all the times you screwed up?

Libra: Gossiping Behind People's Backs

Be honest, Libra. How much crap did you talk this year? Bet you put on an innocent, smiling face to them in person, and then turned around and gossiped like there's no tomorrow behind their backs. We all know how much you hate conflict, but you should at least have the guts to say it to their face.

Scorpio: Taking Revenge Too Far

Forgiveness may not come easy to you, Scorpio, but your grudge-holding is no excuse for making someone miserable. Holding onto your dignity and self-respect is one thing, but teaching someone a lesson is something else entirely. Getting back at someone only prolongs the drama, haven't you figured that out yet?

Sagittarius: Never Knowing When To Stop

You have a tendency to take things a little too far, Sagittarius. How many situations did you blow out of proportion? How far did you take an argument? How much did you peer pressure your friends over the past year? We love how you make things more interesting. What we don't love is when it comes at everyone else's expense.

Capricorn: Choosing Power Over Love

We admire your incessant drive for success, but is it possible that you got so caught up in your climb to power that you forgot to be sensitive to others? There are more important things than maintaining an image of strength, Capricorn, and if your personal ambitions have caused you to close off your empathy or generosity, Santa noticed.

Aquarius: Looking Down On Others

Even though you're known for being hip, edgy, and totally in style, you know you have the tendency to be pretentious. How often did you act like you were better than everyone else, Aquarius? Even though people may fawn over your effortless "cool," they may secretly be thinking you're a total snob. No one wants to be around a snob.

Pisces: Thinking Nothing Is Ever Your Fault

Without fail, you have such a tendency to see yourself as the victim, no matter what the situation may be. How many times did you refuse to take blame for your part, Pisces? Your signature "woe-is-me" attitude might have really just been a cover-up for the fact that you were totally at fault as well. You just didn't want to admit it.

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