You're Officially Growing Up Once You Stop Having These Arguments In Your 20s

Arguing can be so exhausting. Since you have that whole "I'm a grown-up" mentality, though, you might do it because part of you thinks you're standing up for yourself and asserting your adulthood. Well, that's partly true, but the lack of engaging in an argument actually expresses so much more maturity. That's exactly how to tell you're growing up in your 20s, because you stop have those arguments simply for the sake of having them.

You can still get your point across and express your opinion without getting into a heated argument. Trust me, it is possible. Looking back, there are probably a handful of arguments you know could have gone way better if you approached them differently.

It's a learning process, and at the end of the day, you have to consider if the way you're talking and interacting with people is treatment you would want in return. The motto of "treat people how you want to be treated" is actually fact. This isn't to say you are never going to argue in your life, but being perceptive of the ones you don't need to have will save you the headache. Keep the back and forth to a minimum and nix these eight arguments ASAP.

Petty Fights With Your BFF

Your BFF is your ride or die, and since they know you better than most people, you can talk to them without arguing. Be completely open and honest with your BFF, and you won't have to argue. You know they'll listen, and you really hate not being on good terms with them after a petty fight.

Any Argument That's Through Social Media

Arguing over social media is so baseless. I get it; it can be challenging to ignore someone who is just so wrong on Facebook, but you don't get anywhere trying to correct them. Let social media be a place for anyone to express themselves in whatever way they want. You've got better things to do with your time than start a Twitter feud.

Arguing With Your Mom When You Know She's Right

Why is it so hard to admit that parents are right? The moment you start realizing your parents can clue you in on more than a few things, the better. You're an adult, but you'll always be their kid, and they'll never stop teaching you.

Arguing With Your SO When They Don't Agree With You

You shouldn't even want a partner who simply agrees with you all of the time. You can still disagree with your SO, hold hands, and refrain from arguing. That's bae right there, and you should respect their perspective, even if it doesn't agree with yours.

Arguing With Your Siblings About Things That Happened A Long Time Ago

Maybe your sister put gum in your hair when you were younger and your brother broke a bunch of your Barbies. Bringing up those childhood fights doesn't do anything for the present. You and your siblings grow so much closer the second you decide to leave those things where they belong — in the past.

Arguing With Friends About How Much You Don't See Them

There are things that still bother us in our 20s that really shouldn't. This includes seeing your friends hang out without you. Don't argue with your friends about not seeing you as much if you haven't attempted to initiate any plans, either. Life can get hectic, so be mindful and reach out without arguing.

Arguments With Exes About Who Really Ended The Relationship

Sometimes, your ex is a solid example of everything you don't want to do in your next relationship. If they keep popping up in your life like the Ghost of Christmas past, don't uproot those old arguments you used to have. You'll want to make them own up to their mistakes, but it'll only make you revisit a relationship that's so over.

Arguing With Your Dad About Having Argued With Your Mom

Your dad doesn't like to choose sides, but he's also not going to let you keep up an argument you're not right about. So, what's the takeaway here? If you argue with one parent, you may very well end up arguing with the other. Once you learn this, I am proud to say that you are well on your way to seriously growing up.

Choose your battles wisely, and you'll find that you will face fewer arguments. You're growing up, after all.