5 Little, Sweet Ways To Stay Close With Your Mom When You Move Away

Your mom is someone who you just can't love enough. She deserves the world (and then some). This woman has given you so much, and she's always there for you. Not to mention, she gives some of the best advice (and hugs) ever. Having all of that for 18 or so years, then being whisked off to college or a job, will stop all of that incredible in-person connection. While it will be a difficult transition, don't worry, because there are so many ideas on how stay close with your mom when you move away.

Just like with any relationship, you should talk with your mom on a regular basis to feel close to her, even from afar. But unlike with any other friendship you have, your mom is probably the easiest to talk to. You naturally fall into a rhythm that's so in sync, that it's like you were never apart.

Living away from your mom — especially if it's for the first time — is very difficult. There's an intense sense of loneliness that you just can't seem to shake. You may constantly feel uncertain about things, and have the urge to call your mom up because of it. But instead of feeling like you're too dependent on her, just know this is totally normal. Also know that you can make her day by doing sweet things every now and then to remind her how amazing she is.

Talk, Talk, TALK

This is a given, and something you should do on the daily. Make sure you are calling as often as you can, and indulging in her texts at every point. FaceTiming is great if you're not busy, and initiating calls and texts will make her whole day. You don't want her to feel like she's constantly hounding you (although a lot of parents may not care about that, to be honest). A sweet update from you will always be nice.

Gifts Go A Long Way

You may want to buy your mom everything you know she'll like. Doing thoughtful, surprise gifts every so often will keep reminding her you're thinking of her from miles away. Whether it's a bundle of flowers on Valentine's day, a little pendant or charm on her birthday, or a spa gift card just because, these are little reminders that she's super important in your life and that you definitely care.

Send Her A Meme

Much like with texting her or calling her, sending Mom a funny joke that reminds you of her can go a long way. Maybe it's an extension of an inside joke you have with her, or makes fun of something she likes (Those last ones usually bring out the best reactions from her, which are golden.). Sending a joke, meme, or hilarious video will give her a laugh and keep your bond so strong.

Give, Don't Just Receive

Kind of like with texting, you need to be aware of the last time you gave her a call, sent her an update, or FaceTimed to talk to her or the siblings. Especially when holidays come along and you can't be there for them, taking the initiative and doing something to just give rather than receive is going to make a pretty nice impact on your mom.

A big surprise, like an unannounced visit from you, is a great thing to give. While she'll love you regardless, reaching out and doing stuff first — without expecting or wanting anything in return — is fabulous.

Keep Up With The Same TV Show

One of the most recent conversations my mom and I had was about our favorite show, or at least, it's my favorite show. For her, it's just the only one that we both keep up with on a weekly basis. Even though it was a semi-heated discussion, it helped me feel a little bit like I was back home for a few minutes.

This is what staying up-to-date together on something will do. It'll bring you pretty close, because not only do you get to discuss it afterwards, you also know that they're watching it the same time as you. That's pretty comforting.