Valentine's Day Is Coming & Here's What To Give Your Mom Who Deserves The World

We're less than a month away from Valentine's Day. Some see it as a holiday exclusively tailored towards couples, while others view it as a day to celebrate everyone in your life that you love unconditionally. But someone that you should always get a present for on Feb. 14? Your mom. Yep, you should look for Valentine's Day gift ideas for mom, because she deserves pampering all the time, but especially on V-Day.

If you haven't done so in the past years, start this year and make it a point to let your mom know just how much you appreciate her. She brought you into this world, raised you, and loves you immensely. This is why she needs to be treated like the true queen she is. Moms are our first (and usually most important) role models. Valentine's Day revolves around wine, chocolate, and gifts — so it's just as much a day to honor your mom as it is a day to celebrate your bae.

Many of us may not be with our moms this year, and while that totally sucks, getting a present to her is super easy. When FaceTiming may not be enough to express your love and gratitude, send her one of these fabulous gifts. She'll be super emotional about it for sure, plus you're doing something nice as well.

Flowers (Even From Afar)
Farmgirl Flowers

The Just Right Burlap Wrapped Bouquet, $68, Farmgirl Flowers

Bouquets are something one can easily find in a grocery store, already pre-made and ready to go. But, if you're living away from your mom, because of school or work, there are companies like Farmgirl Flowers that will deliver them for you! These bouquets come in a cute AF burlap wrapping and are beyond gorgeous. They're also super affordable, with arrangements starting at $40.

This brand truly goes above and beyond to make sure your bouquet is straight perfection. Mom will totally swoon over the presentation and sweet aroma.

An At-Home Facial

TATA HARPER Glow For It Kit, $60, Sephora

With her hectic schedule and all she has on her mind, your mom's skincare routine is probably very simple, fast, and consists of just face wash. While this does get the job done, she deserves the world, remember? And if you can get her this great pampering skin set, you're the real MVP. It is made for all skin types, and promises to exfoliate, hydrate, and rejuvenate your mom's beautiful face. This is definitely a must-have.

A Personalized Gem Necklace
DaniqueJewelry - Etsy

Family tree necklace, $30.99+, Etsy

If your mom loves jewelry, this necklace is sure to be a hit because it's customizable! Moms love to see their kids' names, so order this one with either her name and yours, or do the whole family (or all of the kids).

Whatever you choose, she'll rock this beauty close to her heart and have her kids represented wherever she goes. It can get pricey, but your mom is definitely worth splurging on, right?

A Relaxing Spa Set

Spa Basket with English Rose Fragrance By Lovestee, $26.99, Amazon

If your mom isn't going to go into the whole routine of the facial kit mentioned before, consider this spa basket. It has practical things like body wash, lotion, and a loofa, so she'll use them in her day-to-day life either way.

The packaging is also cute and it's super affordable. It's truly the perfect way to show your love for her and your wallet (because mama didn't raise no fool).

Sentimental Wall Art
Chathamplace / Etsy

Long Distance Family Map Two States I Miss You Personalized Gift, $25+, Etsy

If your mom is like mine, she loves the sentimental stuff. Handprints from kindergarten? Framed. Macaroni necklace from pre-k? She may be seen wearing it to this day. Picture frames of the kids throughout the whole damn house? You guessed it; yep.

If your mom is the sentimental type, this wall print is perfection. Since you may not be able to be with your mom, this represents how you two are still connected — not only reminding her of your love, but it's also comforting. You're letting her know that you're thinking about her, too.

A Sassy, Fun Mug
Look Human

Teenage Daughter Survivor Mug, $9.99, Look Human

Most moms love coffee (as most early risers do, or have to), so this mug knocks it out of the park. It pokes fun at the fact that you were a nightmare at times (don't play; you definitely were, as we all were), and also comes in a 15 ounce mug, making it perfect for all the caffeine she needs.

This Lovingly Funny Sweatshirt

Mom Definition Crewneck Sweatshirt, $35, Look Human

If your mom is into the graphic tee trend, try a funny shirt. The site Look Human allows you to choose your favorite graphic (like the true mom definition above), and also select the garment you want it on. This one defaults to a crewneck (which is great for February), but you can also pick a unisex shirt, like the one below.

Look Human

Cool Mom T-Shirt, $17.99, Look Human

If there's something your mom needs more than a gift this year, it's the recognition that she's cool as hell (while also referencing Mean Girls, so bonus points for you).