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How To Pumpkin Spice Up Your Book Club This Fall & Make It A Total Page-Turner

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Is there anything cozier than curling up with a good book in the fall? It's quite possible that even the harvest-scented candles in your home can't beat this experience. You might wrap yourself up in a big blanket, turn the pages of your romance novel, and think, "This is it." What if we gave you the scoop on how to start a virtual book club so you can take this cozy experience to the next level?

Your jaw may drop as far as it did after your favorite character turned to the dark side in a recent thriller you read, or it was announced that your go-to novel would be made into a movie. You'd likely happily accept the expertise so you can rave about the novels that were just released with your BFFs. You can already imagine the passionate talks you'd have over the main character's motives and the themes that slip their way into the storyline. While everyone is chatting about the scenes that caught their eye, you'd reach for your cup of hot tea or bites of appetizers you prepared.

To be honest, sharing your hobby with friends like this totally takes it to the next level and ensures you never get bored doing what you love. Here's how to start a thrilling virtual book club with your friends that'll leave you turning the pages of your book and feeling cozy this fall.

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Choose A Book That's Just Been Released

Your book choices are key to creating a thrilling atmosphere that'll keep you and your BFFs coming back for more. Find a novel that's a new release or was chosen for a larger book club, such as Reese Witherspoon's book club. For fall 2020, this pick might be His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie ($24, followed by Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi ($26,

Create A Menu Of Snacks And Apps That Are Totally On Theme

Snacks and appetizers are a must for any gathering — even virtual ones. Your book club can create a menu for the night so that everyone's enjoying the same flavors and feels closer together. This menu may include buffalo cauliflower bites or pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies. Try matching your flavors to the season by using seasonal produce, warm spices, and an Insta-worthy leaf platter ($25, that you set up next to your laptop.

Dress Up Like The Characters In The Book

If the book you chose is set in another time period, then you and your BFFs should dress up like the characters. Use the very descriptive sentences in the book to create a #look that's so relative to the setting in which you've spent hours exploring. For example, if your book is set in the '80s, pair a hip blouse with a plum unitard ($78, and a colorful pair of earrings ($27,

Do A Funny Presentation On A Chapter

When it comes to the virtual book club you're starting with your BFFs, you'll be extra excited to dish out the deets on the characters and plot. You'll make sure each slide comes with a meme, and your opinion on which celebrity — or one of your friends — will play certain characters in the movie version. The result will be LOL-worthy and really pumpkin spice up your night.

Give Your BFFs A Bookshelf Tour

It's only right that you show off the other books on your shelves. This may include Ali Wong's hilarious memoir, Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life ($19,, or Amy Poehler's witty and humorous Yes Please ($9,

Make sure your shelves are all dressed up with adorable and artsy bookends ($98, beforehand, or plants that are tucked into the cutest planters. That way, when you give your friends the live tour, they see your shelves at their best.

Play A Few Rounds Of "Would You Rather"

Have you and your friends already hosted a few virtual happy hours? If so, then you know virtual games can be a great way to spice up the night and make it memorable. During this month's virtual book club, play the always-popular "Would You Rather." However, instead of asking, "Would you rather go on a beach or city vacation," tailor your questions to the book.

Ask if your friends would rather be one main character or the other, or what location they'd rather fall in love in. Then, see where the conversation goes.

Watch Interviews With The Author

A lot of authors have done interviews while promoting their new books. They've gone on talk shows, or even recorded a video clip for their YouTube channel at home. Watch those interviews during your book club to get to know the person behind-the-scenes better. Jot down notes about them to go back to in a statement notebook ($20, where you can also keep your extra bookmarks.

Work On A Puzzle While Chatting About Plot Twists

A virtual book club that enjoys true crime stories or mystery novels should work a puzzle ($34, while chatting about the various plot twists in their latest read. If that sounds like you and your BFFs, purchase a cute puzzle and send it to each book club member before the night of your virtual event.

Spread the pieces out on the floor, along with your laptop, a fall mug ($22, with tea, and a weave throw blanket ($63, Get cozy, and ready to talk about the page-turner you just enjoyed.

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