One friend films two others with their arms wide to recreate TikTok's copy the shape challenge at ho...
TikTok's Copy The Shape Challenge Turns Your Pals Into Any Object & It's Hilarious
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There's a new challenge on TikTok, and it only requires three components: you, a friend or two, and literally anything you can find. TikTok's copy the shape challenge is a hilarious trend where people try to mimic the shape of an object using their bodies. Like all the best viral challenges, this one is easy to pull off, as you can use any of the objects around you. So, the next time you're bored in the house and in the house bored, take on this challenge that'll turn your housemates into spatulas.

You don't need anything fancy to take part in this TikTok challenge. Just gather a couple pals or so, a few items, and your phone. One person will hold the phone to record while those trying to form the objects stand across from the phone, facing away. Hold up the first object to the screen and start recording when the others turn around. This is usually where the challengees fall over themselves with tears in their eyes as they attempt to copy the shape of the item. After they almost literally roll on the floor laughing, return to your original setup with the shape-shifters facing away from the screen and record again when they turn back around to surprise them with another item. You can repeat this with four to six more objects.

If you're still looking for more inspo to get in shape for this trend, here are six TikTok copy the challenge videos that use LOL-worthy objects to spark some creativity in your own video.

Pull From A Range Of Objects

You never know what object TikToker @skandarioon might hold up next, which is exactly why her copy the shape challenge is so entertaining. There's no pattern to the items this TikToker shows, which range from an apple all the way to a handbag. To take a page from their video, pick items that are completely random and different from each other.

Get Inspo From The Grocery Store

Don't stop at just shopping for your favorite foods — become your fave foods. At least, that's what TikToker @lottarautiainen does to a friend in their TikTok challenge. This challengee tries to match the shape of tortillas, lollipops, coconuts, and pasta to various levels of success.

Find Abstract Shapes

To kick your challenge up a notch, use any abstract-shaped items you have on hand. When you unveil your candle holder in the shape of a hand with each finger pointed up, your friend will probably be as shocked as the person in this copy the challenge video. The difficult shapes didn't end there, either. The next item featured in this video is an art sculpture of a figure sitting down and bending backward to grab their foot. Basically, the stranger the item in the video, the more hilarious it is to watch.

Use Your Pets

Whose brows didn't lift when TikToker @bonnieee1 raised a cat to the screen at the end of their copy the shape challenge? They started small, using items like a nail clipper and an almond, but quickly stumped their challengee (and viewers) when their pet graced the screen.

Use Objects From Your Yard

Your backyard may be blooming with creative items you can challenge your friend with. TikToker @madisonconery uses a portable lamp, grill spatula, and even a towel for some downright tricky items in their TikTok video.

Add In Some Hand Tools

Hammers, Allen wrenches, scissors — all these tools offer up unique shapes that'll raise the difficulty and laughs of your copy the shape challenge. Just watch how this TikTok user @janiemlaprise uses these tools in their hilarious TikTok video. Maybe you'll gain some inspo, tool.