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How To Plan A Virtual 'Bachelorette' Watch Party That's So Rose-Worthy

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Get ready for another journey on what Chris Harrison will probably say is "the most dramatic season ever," because The Bachelorette season is back. It's time to text your group chat and start finalizing your plans for the premiere. Since your bach crew may be near and far, it'll definitely help to know how to plan a virtual Bachelorette watch party with all your besties via Zoom.

Even though you're long-distance, you can still plan an epic group date that's filled with the Bachelorette essentials like wine, roses, and an Insta-worthy charcuterie board. Have fun with your viewing by filling out bachelor brackets or give everyone a bachelorisms bingo board. Then, make sure you're as cozy as possible in a cute loungewear set and snuggled up in a fuzzy blanket. Be sure to snap virtual group pics of everyone in their setup to post on Insta, and use a Bachelor Instagram caption that'll make a great impression on your feed.

To help with the planning, draw inspo from any of these eight Bachelorette virtual viewing party ideas. Although, the two things that matter most are a good WiFi connection and having your besties on board. That's all you really need for a rose-worthy night at home.

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Get Dressed Up Or Rock Your Coziest Loungewear That's Fit For The Occasion

The Bachelorette limo entrances are when everyone makes their first impression. Either plan for your crew to dress up in their most rose-worthy ensembles, or in loungewear that's totally on theme. This can be your chance to break out that formal dress you've been longing to wear again, or a new Bachelorette-themed sweatshirt from Etsy.

Set Up An Insta-Worthy Charcuterie Board

This is bound to be a pretty juicy season, so you'll want to have plenty of snacks on hand to enjoy throughout the episode. Put together the most Insta-worthy charcuterie board with lots of variety. Have an assortment of cheeses with apricot jam ($9, to spread on top, and a salty snack like rosemary citrus crisps ($15,

Sip Wine From Cute AF Glasses

Wine plus The Bachelorette define MFEO. If you're 21 or older, pour yourself a glass of your fave red, white, or rosé. Since it's a virtual party, use one of your finest glasses or order a cute rose-shaped one from Etsy, because you deserve a rose, too.

Decorate Your Space With 'Bachelorette' Goodies

Have fun decorating your living space for your virtual watch party. Hang up a Bachelorette banner and bachelor nation quote art ($4. behind you. If you'd rather go the virtual "decor" route, you can choose a photo of the mansion, a rose, or Chris Harrison for your Zoom background.

Gift Yourself A Box Of Roses That You'd Happily Accept Any Day

It wouldn't be The Bachelorette without roses to accept. Treat yourself to a box of your own roses that will brighten up your space for an entire year. Shop one of Rosepop's signature styles or build your own box of blooms. For added Insta-worthy appeal, sprinkle fake petals ($4, around your charcuterie board.

Create A Group Chat To Share Memes

Start a group chat with your besties so that you can share memes and talk about episodes throughout the week. Don't forget to give yourselves a Bachelorette-themed group chat name. You can even get matching phone cases for everyone in the crew that say, "Will you accept this rose?"

Fill Out A 'Bachelorette' Bracket For The Season

Welcome the friendly competition by filling out a bracket for the season ahead of time. Bach Bracket is great for starting your very own league with just your besties. You can also make your own game or hand out different Bachelorette bingo cards.

Light A Themed Candle

Set the mood even more with a Bachelorette candle. Gift each of your friends a matching candle so you can all enjoy them in your own homes. This particular candle from Etsy is meant to smell like champagne, and there's a Bachelor version that smells like a red rose.

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