Hannah and Peter smile at each other during an episode of 'The Bachelor' on ABC.

25 Relatable Captions For Watching 'The Bachelor' With Your Besties

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Gather up your besties and get cozy on the couch, because it's time to watch The Bachelor. When you stream this reality TV show, you tend to make a whole event out of it. You may prepare for your watch party by telling everyone to come dressed in their PJs, and you always have the right kind of snacks organized. (Red wine, a cheese platter, and chocolate-covered strawberries? Necessary.) You also need some captions for watching The Bachelor, because you never know what Instagram-worthy moments will happen.

You and your crew get a kick out of every group date challenge and all the drama that unfolds on screen. You shed a few happy tears when a romantic one-on-one date takes place, and you may even have a Bachelor fantasy league going on. It's a fun way to make your watch parties even more eventful by tallying up points on a weekly basis. Be sure to capture every memorable moment with some group selfies and artsy snaps.

Just like a rose, I'm providing you with these 25 captions to use for your next Instagram post. You can pair your pics with iconic lines from the show, or just punny captions to make your friends who understand laugh. Either way, I hope you have a very happy Bachelor-watching season.


1. "I’ve never felt like this about any season of 'The Bachelor' before."

2. "I'm not here to make friends... I'm here to make best friends watching 'The Bachelor.'"

2. "I'm done. That was glitter... glitter." — Krystal Nielson

3. "Really hoping I get a date card this week."

4. "We really rose to the occasion."

5. "Every week, 'The Bachelor' raises some tough questions like is that a shark or dolphin costume?"

6. "I really think there's a connection here between me and my wine."

7. "I really want that first impression rose."

8. "On Mondays, we drink wine and watch 'The Bachelor.'"

9. "I'm here for all the right reasons."

10. "Every year, Chris Harrison says it's the most dramatic season, and I always believe him."

11. "When I grow up, I want to have Chris Harrison's job."

12. "I can't wait to go on this journey with all of you."

13. "If a date doesn't end with a hot tub, was it really a date at all?"

14. "Watching 'The Bachelor' with a glass of wine is my idea of a perfect one-on-one date."

15. "I can see myself spending the rest of my life with 'The Bachelor.'"

16. "Well, it's time to take a moment and say our goodbyes until next week's episode."

17. "I trust 'The Bachelor' process.'"

18. "I would give my first impression rose to all of these snacks."

19. "Mondays are for roses."

20. "Let's do the damn thing!" — Becca Kufrin

21. "My #mcm is just watching 'The Bachelor.'"

22. "I'm definitely falling for 'The Bachelor.'"

23. "Who needs a rose when you've got rosé and your best friends?"

24. "If anyone wants to know where I am, it's in front of the TV, watching 'The Bachelor.'"

25. "Can I steal you for a second? 'The Bachelor' is on."