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10 Spooky Ways To Make Your Backyard Look Like Disney's Haunted Mansion

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Welcome foolish mortals to the spookiest time of the year. You're probably already embracing the spirit of the season by placing a few pumpkins and hanging fake spiderwebs in different corners of your home. And for the Disney fans out there, challenge yourselves to not only make your home festive, but learn the tips and tricks on know how to make your backyard look like Disney's Haunted Mansion. All you need are a few creepy good decor items and that grim grinning ghost spirit to pull it all together.

Out of all the attractions at the Disney Parks around the world, the Haunted Mansion is one of the most beloved. You can't get enough of the Hitchhiking Ghosts and Madam Leota in her crystal ball. Not to mention, you probably have the Ghost Host's speech memorized. It makes perfect sense that you would want to turn your backyard into an eerily similar graveyard.

With your own "doom buggy" chairs and lantern lights, you can enjoy your outdoor space on especially cozy fall nights. Add a few nods to the actual paintings and sconces from the ride, and you'll feel like you're back at Disneyland without having to leave your home. All you need to do is add any of these 10 Haunted Mansion ideas and products to your space, and you'll have your very own haunted home in no time.

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These Tombstones Will Rest Peacefully In Your Yard

Use the graveyard scene from the ride as your inspiration, and add a few tombstones to spook up your outdoor setup. The more tombstones you can get, the more it'll look like the Haunted Mansion with the ghosts singing and the undead popping out to scare you. You can even DIY your very own Haunted Mansion tombstones with foam and some paint.

Set up bluetooth speakers behind one of the tombstones, and play the Haunted Mansion soundtrack. Then, you and your partner can dance the night away, just like the spirits in the ballroom scene of the ride.

Take A Seat In Your Very Own "Doom Buggy" Egg Chair

Any true Disney fan knows the "doom buggy" is the black vehicle you ride around the Haunted Mansion in. It kind of resembles a black egg chair that you can get for your own backyard. Set up your laptop or a projector and screen to watch a Haunted Mansion virtual ride video while relaxing in your cozy seating.

Look Out For Spirits Of The Night With Lantern String Lights

When you first enter the graveyard on the Haunted Mansion attraction, you see the caretaker with his dog. He looks extra spooked with his lantern light, which resembles these mini lanterns. Similar to the caretaker lighting his way through the happy haunts, you can light up your backyard with spooky string lights.

Reach Out To Regions Beyond With This Light-Up Crystal Ball

Madam Leota is one of the most iconic characters from the Haunted Mansion. She calls the spirits from regions beyond while floating in her crystal ball. Give a nod to Leota with this crystal ball light that you can use as the centerpiece of your outdoor table.

This Gargoyle Candleholder Is A Perfect Match

As you creep down the halls of the Haunted Mansion, you'll notice these gargoyle wall sconces. They're adorable, creepy, and you can find copycat versions of them at Hot Topic. These Haunted Mansion candleholders can be used as just decor, or you can add a few candles to the mix to make them extra lit.

Have A Scent-sational Time With This Spooky Candle

While you relax in the backyard, light a Haunted Mansion-inspired candle like this one. The Regions Beyond scent is a mix of patchouli, geraniums, and musk that'll remind you of chilling in a graveyard on a cold October night. Just like the undead spirits popping out from behind tombstones are a spooky surprise on the ride, you'll also be delighted to find a surprise pin inside this candle.

Add Haunted Mansion-Inspired Throw Pillows To The Mix

One of the easiest ways to decorate your space is by adding new throw pillows to the mix. Not only will this throw pillow add cozy support to your chair, but it looks just like the infamous Haunted Mansion wallpaper. This wallpaper is so iconic that you can find Haunted Mansion wallpaper Crocs, Loungefly backpacks, and face masks, so you need to have it represented somewhere in your Haunted Mansion backyard.

Set Up These Haunted Mansion Paintings

Is your backyard actually stretching, or is it just these stretch painting portraits? If you're going to add any Haunted Mansion artwork to your backyard, it should be the stretching room paintings. Add them to the wall behind a cozy outdoor couch for nights when you want to stretch out, relax, and stargaze.

Beware Of These Hitchhiking Yard Ghosts

Before you exit the ride, you're joined by a hitchhiking ghost. These three characters are so beloved that it just wouldn't be right to exclude them from your Haunted Mansion backyard. Add this yard decor in between a few of your tombstones or near your backdoor so you'll always be greeted by them.

This Haunted Mansion Plaque Is The Cherry On Top

This Haunted Mansion plaque looks just like the one outside the gates of the ride. Hang this up on your fence so everyone knows they're entering your very own Haunted Mansion.

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