White Claw cans sit in a cooler with ice cubes.
TikTokers Are Making White Claw Candles For A Fun Spin On Your Favorite Sip

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Your summertime drink of choice (if you're 21 or up) might be a refreshing can of White Claw. The beloved spiked seltzer is perfect for days when you're simply chilling in the backyard or relaxing on the boat. And now, you can up-cycle your leftover can for a fun DIY project. By following these tutorials, you can learn how to make White Claw candles from TikTok in just about no time. That way, you can continue to enjoy your fave drink a bit longer.

The White Claw cans are iconic. Mixed in with other drinks in a cooler, you notice them right away, which is why they make great decor for your living space. Not only will a brand new candle give your home a sweet upgrade, but you'll have so much fun making it. Of course, the first step is enjoying a can of White Claw. Then, cut the top of the can off and pour the wax melts inside to form the candle.

Follow any of these White Claw candle tutorials for tips, instructions, and a variety of colors and scents. Collect as many White Claw flavors as you'd like for a variety pack of candles that you can keep for yourself or gift to your fellow White Claw-loving besties.

Use Dye To Create A Vibrant Candle
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The White Claw can is all white except a little dash of color to represent the flavor, like orange for Ruby Grapefruit and yellow for Mango. If you want your candle to be colorful, simply add some colorant, like the TikToker did in this tutorial. Try to match the dash of color on the can to your wax color.

Pour The Wax Melts In First Before Boiling

There are two different ways you can add the wax into the can. Try this TikToker's method by pouring the wax melts into the can first, and then melting them with boiling water. If you go this route, you'll want to make sure you get wax melts that are small enough to fit into your can. You can either chop some up, or purchase some soy wax flakes that are ready to go.

Or, Melt Your Wax Before Pouring It Into The Can

The alternative method is melting the wax before you pour it into your can. For example, This TikToker uses a microwave to melt the wax. If you decide to melt the wax first, just be sure to have a way to cleanly pour the wax into the can.

Add In The Right Scent To Match Your White Claw Flavor
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Try matching your candle scent to the flavor of your White Claw like this TikTok user did. They added mango fragrance oil to their wax melts before pouring in. You can find a lot of different fragrance oil scents on Etsy like black cherry and lime, depending on which can is your fave.

Use A Can Opener To Cut The Top Off

If you're having trouble getting the top off of your can to start making your candle, whip out your handy dandy can opener like this TikToker did. This is not only a clean way to cut a ring off the top, but also saves you the trouble of having to use scissors and cut freehand.

This video also shows popsicle sticks being used to hold up the wick as the wax dries. Needless to say, while you're sippin' your White Claw in the backyard, you can also enjoy a popsicle.

Reuse An Old Candle At Home

Since this DIY project is all about up-cycling what you already have at home to create something new, you can do that with the wax, too. Perhaps you have an old candle you don't use a lot. If that's the case, scoop out the wax like this TikTok user does. Then, melt the leftover wax bits for your White Claw candle.