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TikTok's Viral Pizza Pull-Apart Bread Is An Easy-To-Make Shareable Snack

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Who doesn't love pizza? It's the one delicious food that everyone can agree on, especially since it can be served with whatever toppings your heart desires. And it looks like TikTokers found a way to make pizza even better. While a traditional pizza pie is easy to share, the new, viral pull-apart pizza is the perfect dish for your next movie night at home. So you definitely need to know how to make TikTok's pizza pull-apart bread.

If you haven't seen this dish pop up on your "For You" page, no worries. It's exactly what it sounds like: bread with pizza toppings that's easy to pull apart. Not only is it shareable, but it's so simple to make as well. You could even make some individual pizza pull-apart breads with your roomies as part of your Friday night fun. Here's all you'll need as far as ingredients go:

  • Bread
  • Pizza sauce
  • Cheese
  • Toppings of choice

A go-to topping is, of course, pepperoni, but you can really get creative because this is your pizza bread after all. If you want to be inspired by some other TikTokers making pizza pull-apart bread, just check out these six recipe videos. You're sure to find one that will have a pizza your heart.

Cheesy Pepperoni Pull-Apart Bread

You may know TikToker @thejoshelkin as the creator of TikTok's egg hack breakfast sandwich. Well now, Josh is jumping on the pizza trend with this cheesy pepperoni pull-apart bread. What you'll need to do in order to recreate this delicious dish is start out by cutting lines in a bread roll. In each cut, slather it in some pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperonis. After baking in the oven for 12 minutes, you'll have this easy-to-eat snack.

Ciabatta Pizza Pull-Apart Bread

Pull-apart pizza can be made with just about any bread. TikToker @taite.daisey proves this is true by making pizza pull-apart bread on a ciabatta roll. Don't forget to top with some oregano for extra flavor.

Sourdough Pizza Pull-Apart Bread

If sourdough is your fave, make this pizza pull-apart bread from TikToker @bostonfoodgram with a sourdough loaf. Do the same as you would with the bread rolls and ciabatta by cutting slices in your bread, but make sure you're not cutting all the way through. That's what makes it easy to pull apart at the end, but stick together when you're baking in the oven.

You also want to make sure you're filling in the center with extra mozzarella cheese and pepperonis before baking. That way, you end up with tons of cheesy goodness and it kind of looks like a pepperoni pizza bread bowl.

Bread Bowl Pizza Pull-Apart Bread

Speaking of bread bowls. If you happen to have extra loaves that you were going to use for soup bread bowls, you can use them for pizza pull-apart bread instead. TikToker @cookingpanda uses these bread bowls to make some pizza pull-apart bread with pizza sauce, mozzarella, and pepperonis.

Jalapeño Pepperoni Pull-Apart Bread

You don't have to just stick with cheese and pepperoni either. Add whatever toppings you'd like just like TikToker @sonya_and_savory. In this pizza pull-apart bread, there are jalapeños mixed in to add a bit of spice.

White Pizza Pull-Apart Bread

There's also a recipe for a white pizza pull-apart bread. If you prefer a more creamy white pizza, use some Alfredo sauce in your slices instead of tomato sauce like TikToker @jaddess does. Make it extra cheesy by adding in several types to your cuts, like mozzarella, gorgonzola, fontina, and parmesan for a four-cheese pull-apart pizza.

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