8 Ways To "Hygge" Your Bedroom & Make Your Space All About Self-Care

So, in case you haven't heard, there's this Danish cultural concept called "hygge" (pronounced hue-gue). It's a relatively small phenomenon, but the word basically translates to mean a moment that is special, warming, or cozy. The Danish try to create many of these moments through the winter and holiday months in particular, so much so that making homes and experiences with friends and family all about intimacy and coziness is a major focus during this time of year. Not a bad idea right? And figuring out how to hygge your bedroom might be a great place to start workin' it with this warm and wonderful way of life.

To be clear, the concept of hygge is really, really not an excuse to buy tons of soft things and make a Goop vision board. While it is sometimes thought of this way, hygge is more about a state of mind that focuses on cultivating special moments, relaxation, and feeling warm inside and out.

The whole concept of hygge is spreading all across the world, with Scotland getting into the cozy game, for example, as they've recently come out of the woodwork (of a Highland winter cabin, perhaps) to introduce their cozy concept, "còsagach," a Gaelic word that means feeling warm and snug. It's kind of like they're announcing a coziness battle royale of sorts, no?

Well, I say, the more cozy concepts out there, the merrier — especially since 2017 has given us more than enough reasons to take shelter in our homes for all of eternity. So, here are a few ways to get your hygge — or perhaps your "còsagach" — on this winter.

Always Make Your (Cozy) Bed

Trust me, it makes a huge difference for your peace of mind. A friend gave me the advice of never leaving my house without making my bed, and it truly does transform the entire landscape of my bedroom when I make it a point to ensure that my bed is always a place that feels clean and cozy to slip into whenever I need it.

Remove Screen-Based Electronics

Put a cloth over your desktop computer when you're done using it. Put your laptop in its case when you don't need it anymore for the night. Charge your phone in the kitchen, or in the most remote corner of the room.

Give your eyes a rest from the lighting and your brain a break from being constantly plugged in. Whether you're doing a puzzle or reading a book, you don't need the screens while you're in hygge mode.

Give Yourself Balmy Foot Massages
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Take some time each day to rub a nice, soothing balm into your feet and hands before you settle into your coziest activities. We all get a little dry in the winter, so it's nice to take a moment to check in with yourself and care for those chapped cuticles. Plus, come on, it just feels great.

Get Yourself A Humidifier

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Speaking of dry, while this may seem pricey, trust me, it's actually a really worthwhile investment. A humidifier helps to make the air in your room less dry, and thus your skin less dehydrated, and your throat less cracklin' when cold and flu season is at its peak.

Stock Up On All The Tea

Why not experiment with some herbal teas that promote relaxation, like kava, or chamomile, or peppermint? The world is literally your oyster.

A hot cup of tea or cocoa is basically synonymous with the whole concept of hygge, and should therefore be with you in your room at all times.

Make Your Room A PJs-Only Zone

Make an executive decision: When you're in your bedroom, it's soft-pants-only time. Let the jeans and tights be for the living room and the rest of the outside world. In your room, jammies reign supreme.

Create A Reading Corner

Whether you have the space to find a chair from the Salvation Army, or even if you just make a little nest out of a sitting pillow and a blanket, find a comfortable place in your room that is solely reserved for reading. There's nothing quite like unplugging and giving yourself the time to dive deep into a good book.

And if you simply aren't a reader, create that space for whatever calms you, whether it's chess, cards, or even painting.

Make Space For A Friend

Remember, social interaction is critical for your mental health. Whether it's your lover, your darling pup, or your best friend, have a space for someone to come in and join you in your hygge-inspired coziness. Have a cup of tea together, and just talk, laugh, and enjoy the fact that you get to be inside on a chilly day with someone you love.

Here's to coziness!