This One Tweet Is A Great Example Of How To Help Someone Deal With A Creep At A Bar

by Candice Jalili

There's nothing worse than that feeling of being trapped with a total creep at a bar. You're having a great time, enjoying your night to yourself. Maybe you're reading a book. Maybe you're catching up on your Instagrams. Maybe you're just doing some good, old-fashioned people watching. Then, some annoying jerk decides to offer you a drink. This wouldn't be a big deal if they left you alone once you said no, but alas, they don't leave you alone and you're left to deal with a creepy person at a bar. Maybe this particular situation isn't happening to you, but you see it happening to someone else. Well, some new tweets posted by Twitter user @AGlasgowGirl give is a prime example of how we can help next time we see someone trapped in one of these hellish situations.

This woman, who goes by Amna on Twitter, told a story we've all heard and experienced many times, but this time, it actually has a happy ending. Basically, she was just sitting at the bar, trying to enjoy her book, when this guy offered her a drink. She declined, but of course, he insisted. She told him she'd really rather just enjoy her book and wait for her boyfriend. And lo and behold, this jerk stranger naturally decided to spin what she was saying into her boyfriend not letting her have friends... because of course that's totally what he wanted to be. "Friends."

Usually, for most people in this situation, the story ends there. You either have to leave because this person is making you so uncomfortable, spill a drink in their face, ask a bouncer to make them leave, or just sit there and continue to pretend like you're not bothered. But this time, another woman came to Amna's defense. Girl power at its very finest, people.

According to the tweet, this girl's plan of action was strategic: See someone cornered by a dumb, pushy jerk? Well, if you're a girl, and this is another girl, pretend you're friends with them and you haven't seen them in a long time. Go in for a hug, and ask if they're OK as you do. Genius.

If the 500,000 favorites and 100,000 thousand retweets weren't enough indication for you, people loved this method. It was a source of inspiration for all.

In fact, even dudes wanted pointers on how he can execute something like that as a guy (since, you know, a rando guy going in for a hug probably won't make the person feel any safer).

And luckily, Amna had even more great advice from personal experience.

She said in response,

waaaay back I had a guy intervene by saying 'hey, gf is looking for u, she wants to know if ur good to go' which i really appreciated. Or even something like 'hey! so sorry i'm late you ok?' It's all in the eyes and tone. Nice of you to ask :)

Is anyone else wondering how in the world she got so lucky with strangers saving her from creepy people at bars?! Because I sure am. Also, I'd like to highlight her advice for guys to ask something along the lines of "Hey! Sorry I'm late, you OK?" That's good stuff. It's not offensive, and it gets the person out of the creepy situation effectively.

Another woman also chimed in with some great advice for men.

This method hasn't failed for her in six years! It's foolproof.

Their tweets served as inspiration to men to politely intervene in these situations more often.

Women connected with her tweet on a deeper level and vowed to help their fellow women out in the future.

This woman owes her life to other girls helping her out.

The point that last woman brings up is a really important one. Some guy hitting on a girl a little too aggressively at the bar can seem pretty harmless at first, but it's what could potentially happen next that's the scariest part. If a person is this comfortable pushing a woman's boundaries in public, think about what they very well could be capable of doing in private.

When you intervene in what's going on, you're not just potentially saving someone from an uncomfortable situation, you're also potentially saving them from something that could eventually develop into something life-threatening. Do your part! Speak up! I'm sure you'll sleep much better knowing you helped someone avoid potential danger.

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