Marshalls Is Dropping FREE Surprise Boxes Filled With Products, & You've Got Just 1 Day To Snag Them

Courtesy of Marshalls

Throughout college, my friends seemed to answer all my "Where'd you get that?" inquiries with the same reply: "Marshalls." Seriously, I'm talking every cute top, every new snack, every Instagrammable decor item — it was always from Marshalls, and I soon joined in on weekly shopping trips to stock up on whatever surprises the local Marshalls had in store. If you, too, are a fan of a good Marshalls trip, you'll no doubt be curious as to how to get a Marshalls Surprise Box. Never heard of it? That's because it's brand new, and it's the ultimate opportunity to get your hands on the best Marshalls has to offer.

If you're thinking, "Wait, should I already be en route to my local Marshalls?" hold your horses — the Surprise Boxes don't drop until Friday, Aug. 16, so allow me to spill all the deets so you're well-prepared by then. On Aug. 16, all Marshalls shoppers will have the opportunity to stumble upon a free Marshalls Surprise Box somewhere in their store, and should they be so lucky, the rewards will be major. There will be one box per store, and no two stores will have the exact same box, so the surprises will differ depending on where you are.

According to Marshalls, the boxes will contain ~surprises~ from categories including fashion, beauty, accessories, home decor, tech, and more:

Courtesy of Marshalls

This is seriously the cutest idea ever. Marshalls knows its cusomers love to hunt for great products, and it has managed to make shopping into a game with some great rewards. “At Marshalls, we believe life is just better with surprises – it’s what makes our stores so exciting to shop,” said Victoria Shonkoff, the vice president and marketing director of Marshalls, in a press release from the company. “Our stores deliver surprise every day through our ever-changing selection of the brands you love, and we’re excited to take surprise to the next level for shoppers across the country with the Marshalls Surprise Box," Shonkoff continued.

I never have to try too hard to convince my friends to go to Marshalls, but something tells me it'll be especially easy to get them there this Friday, aka the day the Surprise Boxes go live:

Courtesy of Marshalls

As if the whole thing wasn't cool enough, Marshalls decided to announce the news by ~surprising~ fans at its Tribeca location in New York City with Kaley Cuoco on Aug. 13. Yup, Kaley freaking Cuoco. I know! She surprised shoppers and even distributed the very first Marshalls Surprise Boxes.

I can't believe this happened the one time I didn't hit up Marshalls on my lunch break! Major FOMO alert:

Courtesy of Marshalls

In the company's press release, Cuoco shared why she wanted to team up with Marshalls to debut the Surprise Boxes. "“As an actress and producer, I love that that each day can bring something new. I enjoy the element of surprise, and I look for that in my shopping experience as well," dished Cuoco. "The excitement of discovering something special and unexpected is what makes shopping fun and I’m thrilled to share that feeling with shoppers through the Marshalls Surprise Box,” she continued in the press release.

Sounds like the perfect collaboration!

Courtesy of Marshalls

Like I said, I'm always excited to go to Marshalls, but this Friday is going to be especially thrilling. You better believe I'm going to try to get my hands on a Surprise Box! And pro tip, the boxes will be set up in stores at 2:00 p.m. Shout out to Marshalls for dreaming up such a fun way to reward its loyal shoppers — and if you've one of them, consider this a warning to hit up your location on Friday, Aug. 16!