Tatcha's Lucky Bag Event Gets You $100 Worth Of Mystery Products — But You Have To Act Fast

Courtesy of Tatcha

For anyone who thought, "Wow, 2019 was a royal dumpster fire," Tatcha sees you, hears you, and wants you to start the new year off with a little bit of luck. The brand's annual mystery bag initiative is back again, and if you're trying to figure out how to get a 2020 Tatcha "Lucky Bag," filled with products galore, just know it'll cost you. But it'll be so worth it.

Tatcha's Lucky Bag event stems from Fukubukuro, a Japanese tradition honoring the concept of luck and good fortune. "We can trace this concept back to Japan’s Edo period, during which the nation enjoyed massive economic growth and a veritable commercial renaissance. As popular demand for shoppable goods increased, specialized retailers blossomed throughout highly populated Japanese cities like Kyoto and Osaka, with merchants experiencing booming business selling their wares," reads a description of the practice on Tatcha's website. "These newly prosperous merchants and retailers launched an annual event to honor one of Japan’s Shichi Fukujin (Seven Lucky Gods)." The god in question is the God of Good Fortune, Daikoku.

Fukubukuro, which translates to "lucky bag" in English, involves — you guessed it — customers receiving lucky bags filled with goodies often valued at more than the cost of the bag itself. Just as you might set intentions you hope to carry on throughout the new year, Fukubukuro begins the year with hope that the luck and good fortune you just received will continue.

Enter: Tatcha's own take on Fukubukuro, a lucky bag filled with ~mystery~ products from the brand worth over $100:

Courtesy of Tatcha

To snag a mystery bag, you do have to rack up a tab of at least $100 on Tatcha's website. Once you do, just use the code LUCKY20 at checkout, and you'll be blessed with over $100 worth of extra product. (Love that for you!) Unfortunately, this event only lasts while supplies do, so, uh, your good fortune will depend on how quick you are. Be warned, 2019's lucky bags sold out like lightning, so no dilly-dallying.

If you really don't want to waste time, here are The Very Best Tatcha Picks that are cult-favorites and will get you over that $100 minimum:

The Serum Stick, Tatcha's newest innovation, delivers the same hydration and smoothing effect as your favorite serum but in solid form, meaning it's much easier to travel with and apply anywhere (no mess). You can use it on clean skin for a surge of moisture or gently dab it over makeup for a dewy glow.

A certified, cult-classic, the Tatcha Classic Rice Polish is a gentle yet effective exfoliant that foams as it buffs off dead skin cells. Not only does it leave skin brighter and softer, but it's also a known favorite of Meghan Markle. Meaning: Take this travel-size baby with you anywhere for Duchess-level skin.

If you ever just wanted soft, supple skin in a jar (I realize that sounds so weird, but roll with it), consider The Dewy Skin Cream the solution. Infused with Japanese purple rice to protect skin and hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, this is a dry-skin godsend. Yes, radiant complexion! Yes, hydrated skin!