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2019’s Holiday Sex Position Is The Not So Silent Night


While you could buy your date a new cashmere sweater or an expensive membership to a boxing gym that they'll never use, sometimes the best presents can't be purchased. Whether you're ringing in the holiday season with a new boo or celebrating this winter with your longtime sweetie, embarking on the not-so-silent night, aka 2019's holiday sex move, may be the gift that keeps on giving.

Let's be real: Holiday time is hectic. Between family, work, and travel, there's no shortage of things to feel stressed about. While everyone is different, getting it on with your sweetie can be a great way to release any tension and reconnect during this demanding stretch. Of course, no matter how long you've been fooling around with someone, it's imperative to get clear on consent and boundaries every time you do the dirty. While getting out of your sexy comfort zone and experimenting with new moves and positions can be exciting, you need to make sure that all parties involved are on the same sexy page every step of the way.

If the temperature is getting colder, but you're trying to turn up the heat, here's how to do the not-so-silent night.

How To Do It

Have the penetrating partner lie on their back on with their knees slightly bent, and feet flat on the bed or the floor. Have the receiving partner straddle over the penetrating partner, facing away (i.e., looking at their partner's feet), while holding onto their partner's knees for support. As the penetrating partner enters or stimulates the receiving partner, either with a penis, a strap-on, or a toy, take turns shouting things that you love about each other and expressing how good you're feeling. Since you're not looking directly into each other's eyes, you may feel more inclined to be vulnerable. And because you're facing different directions, you can really belt it out.

When To Do It

As the name suggests, the not-so-silent night will get a little noisy, so it's important to be considerate of your roommates, neighbors, and family that could overhear you. While you can do whatever feels right for you and your partner(s), and you never need to feel ashamed or sheepish about having sex, it's imperative to respect everyone's boundaries. Maybe save this one for a night when you have the place to yourself.

Why It Feels Good

According to Dominnique Karetsos, resident sex expert at MysteryVibe, moaning, screaming, yelling, or making any other type of noise during sex can help you and your partner feel more aroused. If you respond well to verbal affirmations or you get off on your boo getting off, hearing them verbalize how much they enjoy themselves may really send you over the edge.

Whether you do it at home or in a luxurious Airbnb, getting it on with your boo during the holidays can be a great way to unwind. From screaming and shouting to letting it all hang out, the not-so-silent night will give you some extra holiday cheer this winter.


Dominnique Karetsos, resident sex expert at MysteryVibe