This Is Exactly How To Describe Your Person, Because They're The Rockstar Of Your Life

Let's be honest: Your best friend is one in a million. They're like a unicorn, because it's rare to find your one true BFF who you click with on so many levels. And when you do lock down your bestie for life, it's like complete and utter magic. When someone asks you about your best friend, you have so much to say. I mean, where do you even begin? You probably already know exactly how to describe your best friend, but there are a few common descriptors that every best friendship can likely say "same" to.

When looking at these seven ways to describe a best friend, you'll find yourself nodding your head and saying, "Yass," because they match your bestie to a T. You'll be prepared to talk all day long about your person, and won't want to stop. You could even use any number of these in any speech you're giving at your bestie's wedding, bachelorette party, or for a toast on their birthday. These might even be great captions for all of the selfies you want to post on Instagram of the two of you. Whatever you decide to do with this list, your bestie is checking off all the right boxes, and you know you've found your very own unicorn for life.

They're Undeniably The PB To Your J
Bordovski Yauheni/Shutterstock

Just like the best sandwich of all time, calling your BFF the PB to your J will never get old. You both bring unique qualities to the table when it comes to your friendship. And together you're unstoppable, creating the most #fire duo around.

They're Your Person

Thanks to Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, we have this perfect way to describe your BFF. They are "your person" — aka, your emergency contact for life. Not only can you call them up in any situation, but they will always have your back and will be there to dance it out when you're having a rough day.

They Were Your Missing Puzzle Piece, And You're So Glad You Found Them

You feel complete when your BFF is around, because they just get you like no one else does. When you first met, you clicked with them so quickly that it really does feel like they were that missing puzzle piece you needed.

They Complete Your Friday Night Plans

You typically check in with your BFF before making plans, because you wouldn't want to do anything without them on a Friday night, am I right? Whether it's going to a club, checking out a new restaurant, having a karaoke night, or just staying in and watching Netflix, you're always in for a fun time when they're around.

They're Like Your Long-Lost Sibling
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Your BFF feels like family. Your mom might even ask about them like they're another one of her kids, and they're welcome over for family dinners and vacations anytime. They're basically your long-lost sibling.

They're Your Most Trusted Secret Keeper
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Your bestie is your confidant. You can tell them anything and everything — from embarrassing stories to the person you're seriously crushing on. There's so much trust between you two that you know they would never let any of your secrets out.

They're Your Partner In Crime
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You and your person are partners in crime. You're always down for any adventure, as long as your best friend is by your side. You want them to be shotgun on any road trip, snapping the selfies when you're doing it for the 'Gram, and reminding you to pack the sunscreen when you go on a beach vacay together.