Headbands, Hair Clips, Extensions, Oh My! Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Accessorize Your Hair This Summer

Missoma; Lele Sadoughi

We're not even a month into summer, and my hair is already experiencing all the downsides of the hot, humid weather. My strands are flat, greasy, and they won't hold a curl for the life of me, so in order to ensure I still look ~cute~ at all times, I've been doing some heavy-duty research on how to accessorize hair for summer 2019. Fortunately, a ton of my favorite brands have released some prayer-answering pieces, from trendy headbands to gorgeous hair clips, to extensions I never imagined could be so easy to try — not to mention pull off! Read on for the scoop on all the hair trends that have been taking over your Instagram feed, as well as tips on how to try them out IRL.

Luxe Hair Jewelry

When hair accessories look this chic, I stop referring to them as "clips" and call them what they truly are: jewelry for the hair. The new Missoma hair line is a perfect example, seeing as it's full of styles created to match their already-wildly-popular jewelry pieces. The entire range is stunning, and you can shop it live on the Missoma site right now, but my all-time favorite piece has to be the Large Molten Hair Clip ($33,


The pop of gold is super luxe, but the melted finish feels rustic and cool, so you can wear it to the office or the beachside bar — or both. If you're really feeling bold, you can buy some actual jewelry in the same style for a matchy-matchy look — my personal pick would be the Gold Medium Molten Hoops ($149, to bring even more attention to your face and, by proximity, your hair.

Band Aid

Believe it or not, headbands are still trending, and for summer 2019, the vibe is the bolder, the better. Two popular styles at the moment are knotted and padded headbands, both of which are carried by my personal fave hair accessory brand, Lele Sadoughi. I've seen everyone on Instagram donning their beaded, knotted styles as of late, and the Petite Blush Pearl Velvet Headband ($88, is nothing short of ethereal, if you ask me. Plus, the pearls totally lend themselves to the hair jewelry trend I mentioned earlier.

Lele Sadoughi

Not into the knot? All good — the padded headband trend might be more your speed, as demonstrated by iconic television ladies including Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl and Sabrina Spellman of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The brand's Lele x LSF Bluejay Padded Headband ($95, part of its collab with clothing line LoveShackFancy, definitely leans more Upper East Side than Greendale, if you ask me.


About halfway through every single summer, I get bored of my basic strands and want to make a change. Should I chop it all off? Impulse-cut bangs? Spend my rent money on a pricey wig or sew-in extensions? Fortunately, there are now temporary ways to accessorize with extensions and change up your haircut in seconds. One option is the Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extension ($329,, an extension-on-a-string that can add length and thickness to you hair with as little effort as is required to slip on a headband:

Sitting Pretty

I also recommend copping a pair of fake bangs, since you'll most definitely end up regretting the real thing. The INH Hair Zooey Bangs ($79, are real human hair faux bangs you can throw on at a moment's notice for a very Camilla Cabella-approved look.

To ensure any temporary extensions look ~natural~, be sure to brush them after applying, so that they can blend into your own strands. Conair's new The Knot Dr. For Conair The Pro Detangling Hair Brush with Case ($15, is an excellent pick to have on standby, particularly for long extensions that tend to tangle.

Hair jewelry, headbands, extensions, oh my! There are so many ways to amp up your hairstyles this summer, and if you're as ambitious as me, you might just try to rock all three trends at once. I won't try and stop you.