How Petty You Are, As Told By Your Zodiac Sign

I challenge you to name one person who is never, ever petty. Sure, for some of us, it's about splitting that lunch bill incorrectly by a few cents, and for others, it's harping on the fact that your friends got the details of a story wrong, but pretty much everybody has a trivial trigger that can leave them reeling for reasons that might seem pretty insignificant from the outside. But the truth is, how petty you are, and in what ways you can be petty, are pretty important things to identify. Getting stuck on the small stuff can use a lot of mental and emotional energy that you need to keep things moving and growing. For real, you just don't need any of those nasty little details to weigh down your soul.

And if you're one to identify with your zodiac sign, you better believe that some star signs tend be a little more petty than others. That's cool, though, it just means you might have a little more work to do in this arena, but whenever you start freeing yourself from the trappings of petty bothers, the liberation will feel all the sweeter.

So, let's release those teeny-weeny resentments, my friends, to make way for lots of good times this year. Here's how petty you really are, and how to come to terms with it, according to your zodiac sign.

Let Others Be Human, Capricorn

Well Cap, sometimes — and by that, I kind of mean a lot of the time — you can, indeed, be petty. But before you get annoyed with me for saying so, let me underline that this is a side effect of your ability to be so on top of things at all times.

Just remember that not everyone is gifted with your naturally keen judgment, and when others make poor choices or aren't able to juggle situations with such finesse the first time around, you tend to harp on their shortcomings, and you'll even refuse to let them live down their mistakes.

But believe it or not, even you have shortcomings, and your tendency to expect the worst from people, simply because you hold onto mistakes they've made previously, happens to be one of them. People grow and change at different rates, so gently but repeatedly remind yourself of that the next time you're about to write someone off over something minor.

There's Two Or More Sides To Every Story, Aquarius

Because you're so creative and intelligent, you can, at times, be pretty detached from emotional and interpersonal goings-on. But you know what you do not like, and do not soon forget? When people disagree with you. Since you spend so much time in your own head, when you finally decide to share what's going on up there with others, you're quite sure they should get where you're coming from.

Everyone is coming from somewhere, Aquarius, so it's important to make room for all ideas, and of course, to listen to all sides of a story before jumping to conclusions.

Pisces, Just Let People Know How You Feel

You, my dear Pisces, are one of the less petty signs of the zodiac. At times, you might actually do more to identify what bothers you and where your boundaries are, so you can better communicate what you need and want.

Putting yourself first can be a difficult task, especially with your deep levels of compassion and empathy for others. Why not try to schedule time for yourself to get in touch with your feelings on a regular basis? Whether it's journaling, scheduling your first therapy appointment, or even joining an improv class, anything that can help you communicate what's inside is a great skill that will only bring benefits in the long run.

Aries, Try To Be A Little Gentler

I don't know if you're necessarily petty, Aries, but you definitely have a tendency to be a bit aggressive at times. But listen, that aggression also translates to some good stuff, like passion, drive, an ability to manifest, and good communication skills. On the flip side, though, it also means you can be set off by things both big and small.

Think about what you might be able to do to stay centered in the midst of a storm, instead of creating one: a daily meditation practice, perhaps? Making sure you get in your exercise, or putting your work emails away at least an hour before bed?

Taurus, You Can Really Hold On To A Grudge

No matter where or by whom you read a list of your natural traits, "stubborn" is always one of them, Taurus. While you don't tend to be petty often, if there is something you happen to be harping on, you really stay on it.

My advice? It's pretty simple: As long as you recognize that that's your pattern, you'll definitely be more willing and able to shift it.

Gemini, You Don't Need To Help Everyone With Every One Of Their Problems

No, Gemini, you aren't really that petty. You're more of a mender, but even so, your feelings can still get hurt, and when they do, you can take it both hard and personally, especially if you were trying to do something to help.

Rather than focusing on letting things go, maybe consider staying out of situations that don't necessarily concern you. It will cause you less pain and strife in the long run.

Cancer, Use Self-Care To Keep Your Cool

Oh, Cancer, you spicy little crab. You definitely have a petty side to you, and you're not afraid to express it. But on the plus side, you're so charming that it often all balances out.

That being said, do your best to maintain lifestyle practices that encourage internal stability (whether that's picking up a new, relaxing hobby, going to therapy, or instigating mandatory alone time every day), and you'll be sure to find balance in your relationships, and communication won't feel quite as strained.

Leo, Always Let Your Love Shine Brightest

It's your way or the highway, Leo, and that might be something worth looking into. While you can certainly make everyone feel happy by your positive glow alone, it is cold in the shadow of a Leo's disapproval. Recognize that it can hurt others with an extra sting when you seem annoyed or won't let something go, just because you tend to be a big personality in general.

Practice leading with love first, as you usually do, even when you're annoyed. And if you need to take a break from others to really let go, give yourself the space and care to do that.

Virgo, Learn How To Soften Your Blows

You're critical, Virgo, so that's something to watch out for when communicating with others, because nobody likes to be picked apart, especially when it seems a little harsh. And if you sound harsh about the little things, like leftover dishes or a light left on, people start feeling like they need to walk on eggshells around you.

You're a straight-shooter which, for all intents and purposes, is a good thing. Communication is key, so just make sure it's couched in kindness or humor.

Obsession Is Not A Good Look For You, Libra

The fact that you can get obsessive can sometimes converge with the times you're being petty about something. To say the least, it can make for a rather frustrating combination. But the good news is, these things are rare. Your symbol is the scales after all, so most of the time, you look to be fair and gracious first and foremost.

If you find yourself feeling upset and circling the same thing in your brain over and over again, take a moment to consider the advice you would give a friend if they were dealing with the same thing.

Scorpio, Your Jealousy Is Your Biggest Obstacle

Yes, pettiness can be a real problem for you, Scorpio. You've got that whole jealousy thing to contend with. You might, at times be the type to really harp on the way you're sure bae gave bedroom eyes to a random stranger on the street, or you might feel totally jelly for days that two of your besties went to the movies without you and posted tons of Insta stories about it.

Look, no matter what's driving you up the wall, it's all good. Take a deep breath, and trust that there's plenty of love and fun to go around.

Patience Is A Virtue, Sagittarius

You are impatient, Sag, this much is true. So when things aren't showing up on your timeline, your annoyance and temper rise to seriously pissed-off levels.

Remember that you can't make time go faster, so you simply have to find ways to get used to that and work with what you're being given. What kind of things can you do to calm you down about something you feel can't happen fast enough? A little meditation, taking a walk, watching some ridiculous YouTube videos? Take it all situation by situation. You might find that if time can't match your demands, you might just be able to match time with a little patience.

Now, go forth, and let us all be a little less petty this week!