Wet N Wild's PAC-MAN Collection Is Here & These Products All Get A High Score

Full disclosure: I have an old-school PAC-MAN machine in my basement, and I play it fairly regularly. It's ony of my all-time favorite games, and while I've never really thought of it as beauty inspo before, I'm still eager to learn all I can about Wet N Wild's new PAC-MAN-themed line of products. The biggest questions on my mind are definitely how much the Wet N Wild's PAC-MAN Collection costs, and of course, where I can snag it. Yours too? Well, the day has come and the collection is here, so let's dive into some details.

TBH, my PAC-MAN machine wasn't cheap, but luckily for lovers of the game, this collection is super affordable. Available now on the Wet N Wild website, The Collection Box ($70, containing the full product lineup retails for $70, but the individual products are as inexpensive as $5 apiece. Wet N Wild has been killing the game lately, so you already know the formulas will be on point.

The product that really catches my eye is the High Score Blush Palette ($10,, as I'm personally a fan of Wet N Wild's blushes and highlighters. This quad boasts four peachy-pink shades, and it definitely seems like a must-have, PAC-MAN fan or not.

The other palette in the collection is the Game Over Color Palette ($10,, with nine bold eyeshadow shades from true PAC-MAN yellow to vibrant pink, purple, orange, and aqua. This is the brand's first 9-shade palette, and it's safe to say they nailed it.

There's also a Waka Waka Waka Eyeshadow Brush ($8, — Wet N Wild make great brushes for a super low price point, so if you're into the PAC-MAN theme, I recommend snagging a few.

Two super unique formulas that stand out to me are the Power Pellets Blushlighter ($7, and the Power Pellets Bronzer ($7, Given that PAC-MAN eats pellets throughout the game, I love that these two products are basically compromised of pigmented balls of powder, that can be swirled and swiped on for buildable bronze or glow. So clever!

And of course, if you need a brush to get the job done, the Waka Waka Waka Powder Brush ($9, should do the trick. I love the yellow-tipped bristles!

As for lippies, there are two prep products, the Bonus Fruit Lip Scrub ($5, and the Bonus Fruit Lip Balm ($5, Can you please tell me why I'd by real fruit when packaging like this exists? So. Freaking. Cute. I need both ASAP.

To finish off your look, there are Ghost Glosses ($6 each, in four fun shades, named after the four ghost. There's red for Blinky, blue for Inky, pink for Pinky, and orange for Clyde. Clyde makes me laugh every time, TBH. Anyone else?

A fun and unexpected addition to the collection is the Perfect Game Nail Kit ($10, — I've never tried Wet N Wild's nailpolishes before, so I'm more than excited! The kit includes a yellow for PAC-MAN, and ghost-inspired orange, red, pink, and blue.

There's no doubt these collectible cosmetics will sell out fast, and snagging the entire line will soon be a lot more difficult than winning a game of PAC-MAN, if you know what I mean. If there are some must-haves you need to buy, shop on the Wet N Wild website now before it's too late.