Wet N Wild Just Dropped The Cutest Pac-Man Collection & It'll Make You Nostalgic AF


If you love all things '90s or are a fan of video games, you're going to want to know where to get Wet N Wild's Pac-Man collection. The new offering by your favorite drugstore brand will bring back memories of nights spent at the arcade devouring tiny ghosts, little yellow dots, and the like, prepare yourself because you're about to get nostalgic AF. This is seriously one of the cutest collabs I've seen in awhile, and once you see what all it includes I'm sure you'll want to eat it up too.

If I'm being honest, I've got to admit that I never really played Pac-Man as a kid. My parents were pretty anti-screen time and refused to buy me and my sister a gaming console, so any video games that we did get to play belonged to our friends. Mario Kart and Sonic the Hedgehog therefore constituted my entire gaming knowledge, but I obviously still knew of Pac-Man. It's one of those pop-culture phenomenons that will always transcend time and that people will always hear about, which is why it makes for such an ace beauty collaboration theme. Read on to learn exactly what the collection includes and where you can cop it now.

Available at, the Pac-Man collection retails for $69.99 and includes the most summer-perfect makeup products around. "Bring the arcade scene to life in your makeup bag with the Pac-Man Limited Edition Collection Box," reads the product description. "Featuring the complete throwback collection, this PR takes you on a walk down memory lane with re-imagined old school formulas and supercharged color payoff. This kit has everything you need to create a full face summer glow that not even the baddest ghost can chase away. Basically, you only need a blue freezie, some quarters, and your girl gang, and you're set for endless 90's fun and style." See what I mean about getting nostalgic AF?

The first portion of the collection includes a High Score Blush Palette, which features four pans of cheeky hues; a Game Over Color Palette, which is a nine-pan shadow palette featuring both metallic and matte hues; Ghost Gloss lipglosses in Inky, Pinky, Clyde, and Blinky; a Fruit Lip Balm; a Fruit Lip Scrub; a Power Pellets Highlighter; and a Power Pellets Bronzer. In other words, its got everything you'll need to create your ideal seasonal beauty look, whether it's bright and bold or subtle and natural.

The second portion of the collection includes a Waka Waka Waka Eyeshadow Brush and Waka Waka Waka Powder Brush, which both boast glitter-filled handles that are almost as fun as Pac-Man itself. Five vibrant polishes round out the collection and will let you match your nails to your favorite character, because gaming in style is a real thing.

While the products themselves are definitely covetable, the packaging takes them to a whole other level. Featuring tiny cherries, oranges, ghosts, and Pac-Man himself, its all kinds of adorable.

What do you think? Will you cop a Pac-Man collection of your own to brighten up your summer look with?