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Dang, Here’s How Much A Christmas Wedding Actually Costs


It's easy to see why the celebratory energy of the holiday season would make for an ideal wedding backdrop. If tying the knot surrounded by friends, family, and holiday cheer sounds like the perfect way to get hitched, it's time to start planning your dream December wedding. However, when it comes to setting a date, getting married during the holiday season can definitely impact the overall cost. According to Ashley Douglass, the owner and creative director of Ashley Douglass Events, holiday weddings can be a special way to connect with friends and family if you're not opposed to expanding your budget.

"The holiday season is a wonderful time to get married," Douglass tells Elite Daily. "People are accustomed to having many parties to attend and a wedding puts us even more in the spirit of the holidays." That said, because of the high volume of events that take place during this time of year, both you and your guests could end up paying more for the venue and overnight accommodations. "Hotels in metropolitan areas can have higher rates which can affect not only your costs, but your guests' costs," explains Douglass. "They may have two or three-night minimums that perhaps would not be the case during another time of year."

It's also important to consider how having your wedding during a busy time of year might add to the stress of planning. Ultimately, you might not get your event planner's undivided attention, warns Douglass. "There may be vendors with multiple events over a weekend and they don't have the same level of attention to give to your wedding as they would during another time of year," she adds. "DJs and Bands may be in higher demand and insist on the full ten-piece band performing rather than being OK with eight."


Additionally, the cost of catering can also be higher for weddings that take place in December, especially if you're hoping to secure a weekend slot. "If you are getting married at a venue with on-site catering, they may have a higher minimum guest count than [a] wedding guest count [any other time of year,]" says Douglass. "A Saturday night is in high-demand during December."

In the end, it's important to realize that wedding budgets can vary enormously. Regardless of price point, it's possible to have a beautiful celebration that you and your partner will always remember. According to The Knot, the best way to avoid unforeseen costs is to make a list of priorities. "Pick your top three priorities and allocate a little extra money for them (like your gown, catering, and band). Next, pick the three things that come lowest on your priority list (maybe flowers, cake, and invitations), and budget accordingly."

Although the venue and entertainment might end up costing more, once you've decided on the elements that aren't as important, you can cut costs in those areas to compensate. If getting married during the holiday season feels like the right choice for you and your SO, then follow your bliss.