Kylie Skin's First Face & Lip Masks Are Here, & The Duo Is All About Hydration

I'm a face-masking fiend, and even though my collection is already quite large, I'm curious as to how much Kylie Skin's Face and Lip Masks cost, as I can almost guarantee I'll be adding them to my collection. According to Jenner herself, the brand's first-ever masking products guarantee hydrated, happy skin, and with cold winter weather creeping up slowly but surely, a little extra hydration doesn't sound half bad. Will the new duo end my seasonal chapped lips and dry skin for good? Fingers crossed, y'all.

While these babies didn't make the first couple of Kylie Skin launches, they're clearly some of Jenner's favorite products to date. "I know this came super fast for you guys, but I've been waiting for this to come for a very long time," she told fans via her Instagram Stories. "I can't wait for you guys to try these," she added. What's especially nice about masks is that, unlike the rest of the products in the brand's lineup, they don't necessarily have to be used every single day, so you can work them into your current routine when you need a little hydration boost, without having to sacrifice your regular faves.

Of course, the new products come in signature Kylie Skin pink packaging, the Face Mask in a tube and the Lip Mask in a jar:

First, let's take a look at the Hydrating Lip Mask, retailing for $22:

"What I love about this instead of using just a regular balm, is this is more like a treatment for your lips," Jenner explained in a video on the Kylie Skin Instagram account. "It definitely locks in the moisture in my lips and keeps them feeling good all day," she added. As far as formula goes, Jenner dishes that the Lip Mask features nourishing oils, shea butter, and vitamin E, and can be used whenever you'd like. "I love to put it on before bed — I feel like my lips feel the most chapped at the end of the day," she said in the video. Apparently, it's also a great option for no-makeup days: "It gives it a little bit of a sheen, so it almost looks like you're wearing lip gloss, which I love," she raved.

Next up is the Hydrating Face Mask, retailing for $34:

"This! There is nothing like this," exclaimed Jenner in her Instagram explainer video, "This is the most moisturizing mask you can find. This helps smooth, soothe, brighten, hydrate..." She also noted that it's ideal for anytime use. "I love to put this on, again, at all times of the day. I didn't want to just say Night Mask for this, because I use it all the time," Jenner explained, adding, "You don't have to wash this off, although you can."

While the Hydrating Face Mask has a thick, moisturizing formula, it still feels lightweight and easy to blend, much like a classic moisturizer:

As for ingredients, Jenner describe the lineup as, "Pretty much just a magical mixture of things to really help out your skin." That includes vitamins C, E, and B3, as well as shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and kiwi seed oil, so she's certainly right about that.

Wondering when and where to buy? The time is now!

You heard me right! the Kylie Skin Hydrating Face and Lip Masks went live on the Kylie Skin website at 9AM PST on October 28. Oh, as did a restock of some of the brand's best-selling core products. Stop reading this and go shop immediately!