Pete Davidson May Remove All His Tattoos Soon & I Have Questions

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Besides being known for his hilarious acting chops on Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson has a reputation for being an ink enthusiast. Fans thought his collection would only keep growing in the future, but it seems the opposite may happen now because get this: Rumor has it he's getting all of his tats removed. Apparently, Davidson's already started the process. Since it'll take a while until they're all gone, you may be curious about how many tattoos Pete Davidson has. Although the exact number is a mystery, fans think they have a pretty good guess.

News of his decision first came to light on Saturday, Dec. 6 when film critic Mike McGranaghan revealed he attended a virtual Q&A session for Davidson's movie King of Staten Island. According to McGranaghan, during the event, Davidson mentioned he was getting rid of his tattoos. Fans didn't hear it from Davidson himself, so they were skeptical of what McGranaghan said. The critic reiterated that he was telling the truth, writing, "[Pete] even showed his hand, which is already done. He said it takes 3-4 hours in the makeup chair to cover them, so he figured 'it would be easier to get them burned off.'"

Obviously, fans had a lot of feelings over the revelation. Some were supportive and felt Davidson should do whatever makes him happy.

"It’s his body. His choice. I respect that," one fan tweeted.

Others weren't on board with the idea at all. "His makeup people need to learn to airbrush! Cannot believe he would get all of them removed - the pain and scarring aren't gonna look or feel that much better," another person commented.

While Davidson hasn't addressed the matter himself, fans will be keeping an eye on his SNL appearances to see if his more visible tattoos start disappearing. If you didn't know, Davidson reportedly has over 100 pieces of ink in his collection, although the exact number remains a mystery. That's more than other ink enthusiasts like Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, and Post Malone, so that's saying something.

A lot of his ink was inspired by the people closest to him. For example, Davidson's 8418 tattoo represents the badge number once worn by his late father, who was a New York firefighter who died on 9/11.

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In 2018, Davidson also got a few tattoos in honor of his then-fiancée Ariana Grande. He had the phrase "mille tendresse" inked on the back of his neck to match Grande's, as well as a pair of bunny ears behind his ear as a nod to her Dangerous Woman era. Davidson covered them up shortly after they broke up in October 2018.

Unfortunately, all these tattoos could be gone soon. While fans have mixed feelings about it, it seems Davidson is content with his decision, based on McGranaghan remarks, so that's all that matters.