How Long Will McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Be Available In 2020? Grab One Soon

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Availability Of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

by Daffany Chan

Get ready for St. Patrick's Day by indulging in a shamrock-inspired milkshake. McDonald's Shamrock Shake is back this year and it's the perfect way to ring in the spring season. But before you make plans to grab one, you should know how long McDonald's Shamrock Shake will be available in 2020. You'll want to get your hands on the sip ASAP before the menu item vanishes.

McDonald's released the Shamrock Shake on Wednesday, Feb. 19, continuing its annual tradition of releasing the iconic seasonal drink just ahead of springtime. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the shake, McDonald's also introduced the new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry alongside the menu item, adding a chocolatey twist to the classic flavor. The special treats are only available at participating locations nationwide for a limited time while supplies last, so don't waste any time before heading to your local fast food chain. While McDonald's did not reveal a specific end date for the Shamrock Shake's availability, the specialty item traditionally goes away after St. Patrick's Day.

You'll be able to pick up a legendary Shamrock Shake for the average national price of $2.35 for a small, $3.08 for a medium, and $3.51 for a large. The Oreo Shamrock McFlurry is available for an average national price of $2.36 for a snack and $3.11 for a regular.

The Shamrock Shake returns as a glorious minty blend of McDonald's vanilla soft serve, Shamrock Shake syrup, and whipped cream. The new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry is a bit different. Since the McFlurry includes Oreo pieces mixed throughout, it's a good option for customers who may have found the classic Shamrock Shake too minty. Other than the addition of the cookies, however, the mint and cookies dessert includes the same vanilla soft serve and Shamrock Shake syrup found in the OG version.

While you're swinging by the Golden Arches this season, you'll also want to check out the mouthwatering bites on McDonald's Dollar Menu. Though McDonald's $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu has been around for the past few years, the fast food chain often rotates new items in and out of the menu. The $1 $2 $3 Menu is also different depending on the location you visit, so you'll want to head to a restaurant to find out what's available. You can find a McDonald's nearest you using the store locator on McDonald's $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu website.

But of course, the real star of the McDonald's menu for the next several weeks will be the Shamrock Shake. Be sure to indulge in the sweet treat while it is still available.