Burger King's Bacon Cheesy Tots Are A Limited Time Creation, So Get 'Em While They're Hot

By now, you may have heard of Burger King's latest creation, which is best known as the Bacon Cheesy Tot. These delicious golden nuggets are filled with salty meat and gooey cheese, and in the last few days, they've made some serious buzz in the fast food world. And if you're already finding yourself falling in love with them, you're probably wondering: How long will Burger King's Bacon Cheesy Tots be available? The basic answer is that you'll definitely want to start stocking up, because they won't be around forever.

On March 21, something totally revolutionary happened in the world of fast food. Burger King's Bacon Cheesy Tots returned to BK menus nationwide at participating locations, and as you would probably imagine, I was elated beyond belief. And while this is most likely going to be the best news I'll hear all year (because for real, the world is in utter turmoil RN), there's definitely a downside. According to Burger King, these aren't going to be a permanent menu item. Even though the nuggs don't have a set end date at this moment in time, they are considered to be a "limited time offering." Dang, I knew this was almost too good to be true.

Yes, you heard that correctly — according to Burger King, these delicious creations will only be available while supplies last. So the bottom line is: start stocking up. I'm sure these will freeze and reheat impeccably.

Burger King

If you haven't had the chance to try these glorious creations yet, you've been severely missing out. The Burger King website describes Bacon Cheesy Tots as: "Melted cheese potato bites with smoky bacon bits, covered in a crunchy bread crumb coating. Served hot and crispy with your order." All I can say is, "holy cow!" Honestly, I don't need any additional convincing — you can automatically add these to my order along with a side of ranch. Please and thank you.

To be completely honest, Burger King has been slaying the game lately. The chain's new coffee subscription service actually allows you to download Burger King's app and pay $5 a month to get a free small BK Café Coffee every day whenever you want. It's seriously a game changer (and in reality, it's a gift from heaven) so it's definitely worth taking advantage of. To get in on this, download the app, which is available for both Apple and Android users. Then, upon downloading it, all you have to do is head to the offers tab, sign up for the coffee subscription, and redeem your daily cuppa. What did I tell you? So unreal.

Even though BK's Bacon Cheesy Tots won't be around forever, they're still nationally available while supplies last, and TBH, that's all I really need. As long as I know I can get my hands on some meaty, cheesy goodness for now, I'll be able to fall asleep peacefully. And with this totally unreal coffee subscription service, I'll be caffeinated all day long. BK, you're spoiling me.