Burger King's Cheesy Tots Now Include Bacon & Ranch, So Who Needs French Fries?

YouTube/Peep THIS Out!

It's a great time to be alive if you can't get enough cheese and bacon in your life (and TBH, who can?). Fans of Burger King's ever-elusive Cheesy Tots who thought the OG bite-sized goodies couldn't be improved upon might want to rethink that, because a bacon-filled version of the beloved menu item is reportedly in the works. Burger King's new Cheesy Tots with bacon will supposedly come with a side of ranch dressing (you know, just in case your tastebuds didn't have enough flavor overload already), and people think that these crispy bad boys will be at your local BK storefront in just a few weeks. Elite Daily reached out to Burger King for further comment on the Cheesy Tots with bacon release, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

The speculation first started swirling on Friday, March 14 when YouTube user Peep THIS Out! shared a review of a delicious upgrade on the Cheesy Tots that Burger King customer fans know and love. Loyal BK visitors know that the limited-edition tots are constantly coming and going from Burger King's menu (the last time I saw them was late last fall), and there's even a Bring Back The Cheesy Tots From Burger King fan page on Facebook where followers keep each other updated about the comings and goings of the cheese-filled favorite. I mean, what's better than the totally drool-worthy combination of crispy-fried chunks of potato and gooey melted cheese?

TBH, I was one of the Cheesy Tot faithfuls who couldn't even fathom that there might be something better than the original. That is, until Peep THIS Out! revealed that bacon-filled Cheesy Tots now exist for an extra savory and hickory-smoked take on the fan-favorite menu item. According to Chew Boom, participating locations will carry the cheesy goodness. Elite Daily reached out to Burger King for further comment on the Cheesy Tots with bacon, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

According to the blogger's YouTube video where he reviews the tots, he first spotted them at his local Burger King in Southern California and obviously had to try them. An eight-piece order came down to just $2.99, which is about just a buck more more expensive than the $1.99 that the Cheesy Tots have tended to retail for. That's just $1 more for all the crispy bits of smoked hickory bacon plus a side of ranch dressing (which the YouTube blogger said came with his order) and it's a complete steal as far as I'm concerned.

TBH, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to plain old Cheesy Tots now that I know that these bad boys exist and could be hitting Burger King menus nationwide any day now. Elite Daily reached out to the Burger King for confirmation and comment on the rumored new menu item, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

While Burger King is currently staying mum on the speculation, the Twitterverse is completely losing it over the news. As for an official nationwide release date, several users are pointing to a tweet that Burger King's official Twitter account shared on Monday, March 11 that hinted that something special was dropping on Thursday, April 11.

They're not dropping any clues in response to curious customers, but something tells me that we'd all join a summoning circle to get on these new bacon-infused treats.

Unfortunately, it looks like we might have to wait until April 12 for official confirmation, but I'll be keeping an eye out at BK to see if I can spot these goodies rolling out anytime before then.