How Jupiter In Retrograde Will Affect Your Friendships, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Take a deep breath because for the next four months, our personal lives are about to undergo some serious twists and turns thanks to Jupiter in retrograde. This planet rules over our growth as human beings, the expansion of our minds, and our overall good fortune. When it appears to move backwards in its orbit, your typical means of maneuvering through day-to-day life are challenged, forcing you to come up with new ways of dealing with your problems. The way Jupiter in retrograde affects friendships is not much easier, and it will likely drive a wedge or two between you and your closest loved ones. It can also change the way you embrace new people, making the process of getting to know someone a lot trickier. Most important of all: It will show you who you can trust.

Before you start calling up all your BFFs and freaking out, remember that only good things can come out of Jupiter in retrograde. It's going to be uncomfortable, stressful, and an overall drag, but it's going to show you how to become a better version of yourself. We all have bad habits that we hang onto in order to survive the day. Jupiter in retrograde is going to shatter those habits, making us relearn how to function in a much healthier way.

Take notes on your struggle, talk it through with people you trust, find ways to relax, and trust in the future. This retrograde is will take your social life to the next level, one way or another.


You're usually fearless when entering uncharted social territories, but this retrograde might have you feeling a lot more shy than usual. You may feel like hanging back instead of going all out, which will show you the friends of yours who are willing to spend intimate, quiet time with you and the friends who will simply leave you behind for something "better."


You're going to feel propelled to get out there and meet new people instead of concentrating on the friendships you already have. This may cause a dispute between you and a friend who feels you're not paying enough attention to them. However, a true friend will encourage you to spread your wings, trusting that this doesn't mean you've forgotten about them.


You're usually able to navigate social terrain with an almost supernatural ease but this retrograde may have you fumbling over your words, offending others by saying the wrong thing. This is because your adaptability will be turned off, forcing you to be yourself regardless of what people think. Your true friends will always forgive you for your honesty. Better yet, they'll love you for it.


You shoulder a lot of emotional labor amongst your friends but this retrograde will have you putting your needs first. People who rely on you but don't reciprocate the same effort will be angered by your newly found independence. It's important to know who supports you and who doesn't, as difficult as it may be to find out.


You enjoy it when your friends give you a lot of attention. During this retrograde, you may feel like you're being ignored. This will force you to validate yourself instead of relying on your friends for validation, which will strengthen you beyond measure, even though it will hurt at first. You'll learn that you only have control over yourself, not the way others see you.


Plans are going to go wrong during this retrograde, especially for you. You'll feel flung in to spontaneous plans, pulled in different directions by the needs of others, and finding a moment of emotional peace will seem impossible. You may feel frustrated by the mess your friends are making you, forcing you to understand that true friendship requires you to be flexible sometimes.


Friendships are usually a breeze for you because you avoid conflict so well, always careful not to pick a side. This retrograde may force you to make tough decisions in your friendships, perhaps having you choose loyalties that may offend others. You'll have to participate in some difficult conversations and come clean with your frustrations if you want to make your friendships work.


You're capable of hanging on to toxic relationships from the past far longer than you know you should. This retrograde may stretch those relationships so thin that you'll have to cut them off. Emotions will run wild during this time because giving up on people is the last thing you want to do. However, you'll learn that sometimes it's for the best.


You're going to feel distant from your wild and adventurous friends, wanting to surround yourself with more emotionally centering people. If you haven't been nurturing friendships with those types of people, this retrograde may make you feel lonely. However, you'll learn that true friendship requires a lot of emotional work on your end, making your relationships stronger in the future.


You put a lot of time and effort in to your friendships and sometimes, you're inflexible in your expectations of people. There's a chance that your friends will disappoint you during this retrograde by failing to meet your standards. As frustrating as this is, you will learn how to forgive them for their shortcomings, understanding that no one is perfect.


You're going to feel drawn to emotionally intimate friendships during this retrograde, which may prove difficult if you've been distant from your loved ones recently. They may feel you think you can come and go whenever you want and resent your random reappearance. You'll learn that in friendship, people need to be able to rely on each other. This sometimes comes with a sacrifice of your own freedom.


This retrograde may have you wanting to be in the spotlight rather than selflessly letting someone else have it. Some of your friends might feel uncomfortable with your newly found flamboyance, feeling like you're behaving selfishly or stealing their thunder. However, your true friends will simply push you harder and support you. This retrograde will show you who those people are.