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Here's The Secret Way Your Zodiac Sign Passes Judgment

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We’re told to view everything with an open mind, not to cast the first stone, don't judge a book by its cover... you know the drill. But seriously, let’s face it: We’re all guilty of shamelessly giving in to passing judgment — especially on things we truly know nothing about. It’s amazing just how far from perfect we might be, and yet, analyzing the flaws of everyone else will never stop being satisfying. It’s like we’re trying to avoid looking in the mirror. As always, the stars have something to say about how judgmental you really are, according to your zodiac sign, and how you react — again, according to your zodiac sign — might just surprise you.

If you can relate to feeling judgmental, don’t sweat it — you’re not a terrible person. While it can become a nasty habit if indulged in too often, passing judgment is a totally human thing to do. Despite how unbecoming it might seem, it’s how we protect our values and make the right decisions for our lives. You can try to take the moral high ground as often as you want, but at the end of the day, no sign is exempt from making harsh judgments on people who might not deserve it. Even your dog will judge you, so I guess it's natural or something.

If you want to learn more about the unique way your zodiac sign passes judgment, you know what you need to do:

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Aries: "Sorry, I'm Right And You're Wrong"

Literally everything is a competition to you, Aries. There’s nothing you love more than being right, which is why you take every opportunity to be the best in the room. If you’re talking politics and someone says something you don’t agree with, you won’t let the conversation die until you’ve proven them wrong. If someone is eating pad thai with a fork while you’re eating it with chopsticks, you’ll smirk and secretly roll your eyes at their lack of abilities.

Taurus: "You're Doing Everything Wrong, Please Let Me Help You"

You have a very particular way of doing things, Taurus, which is why you find yourself cringing at everyone else, 24/7. You’re a Taurus, so you’ve obviously tried every possible avenue and concocted the perfect formula for getting through life. Why can’t everyone just trust you on this? While others might think you’re a bit of a nag for constantly pointing out the flaws in their ways, you honestly feel you're just doing them a favor.

Gemini: "Ugh, You Suck — But Also, You Don’t Suck"

Gemini, I know you’re judging people. Constantly. Erratically. Uninhibitedly. But also, I know you don’t always mean it. Your mind is moving at a speed you’re always racing to keep up with and a lot of times, you need to think twice before settling on a judgment. Because of this, you love almost everyone you hate and you hate almost everyone you love. Luckily, you’re always willing to admit you were wrong about someone.

Cancer: "You’re Either With Me or Against Me"

You’re beyond sensitive, Cancer, and you take everything personally. In your world, every single action someone else takes is directed at you. You know this isn’t always rational, but it works for you. If someone even looks at you a weird way, you’re already imagining a hypothetical situation in which they’re plotting to take over your job, steal your boyfriend, or worse. And you won’t be made a fool of. There’s nothing you don’t miss.

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Leo: "You’re Amazing (But Not As Amazing As I Am)"

Leo, your deep-seated confidence is not only the envy of the room, it’s what drives the way you judge. You don’t even waste time judging those who are far beneath you. But if it's someone who threatens your seat, you’re immediately making a mental list of all the ways in which they’re still not as great as you. No one secures their ranking the way you do, Leo, and passing judgment is the way you reinforce your power.

Virgo: "If I Can Do It, Why Can’t You?"

There's no one who holds higher standards for themselves than you, Virgo. And you know what? There's no excuse why others can't do the same. Laziness and incompetence drag the whole world down and it frustrates you to no end when you see those things happening right in front of you. If only people just followed your lead and challenged themselves to grow. You might seem unsympathetic, but you really just want everyone to be better versions of themselves.

Libra: "I Can’t Wait To Tell Everyone How Much I Dislike You"

I know it's hard to keep things bottled up, Libra, which is why the way you pass judgment tends to take the form of gossiping up the yin and yang. You'll find a million different ways to describe just how much you can't stand someone. The way you sh*t talk is borderline poetry. It's why we need you so much. No one articulates just how insufferable someone can be the way you do. We thank you for the catharsis.

Scorpio: "We Just Met And I Already Don’t Like You"

Scorpio, you simply don't care to take the time to carefully weigh someone's positive and negative qualities before making a judgment. When you meet someone new, you often feel a gut reaction take form and you trust it. Your intuition is as sharp as a knife and you will use that knife to cut out problematic people. You won't apologize for it either. Why should you? You're (almost) always right.

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Sagittarius: "I Can’t Stand You Almost As Much As I Can’t Stand Myself"

There's no one you judge harder than yourself, Sagittarius. And for how cutthroat your judgments of others can be, that's saying something. You expect an unrealistic amount of perfection from yourself — I know this is because being ordinary is something you desperately fear. Luckily, I've never met a Sagittarius who I'd consider "ordinary" in my entire life.

Capricorn: "I’m Sure You’re A Fine Person, But Please Stay Away From Me"

Capricorn, you take painstaking care to nurture peace, harmony, and organization into your life. This is why when someone even remotely appears to threaten that peace, you immediately put your guard up. You're aware that they might be wonderful, worthwhile people underneath their mess — you just don't care. You're trained in the art of putting yourself first.

Aquarius: "I Dislike Everyone Here, Bye!"

When you don't like a social situation, you won't waste time watching it all unfold, Aquarius. You will pack your bags and peace out. You judge a little too easily sometimes, but it's how you keep your boat afloat. You don't enjoy picking at wounds or slowing down to observe a train wreck. If things look like a mess, you'd prefer to keep yourself detangled.

Pisces: "I Will Insult You To Your Face And Make it Look Like a Compliment"

You're a clever dog, Pisces. There's no one better at passing judgment than you, and yet, you come away from every situation looking like an angel. You have a uniquely bold way of judging others. However, you never want to make someone feel bad about their flaws. If anything, passing judgment is a form of entertainment for you; a way of laughing at how ridiculous everyone and everything is.

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