How Jealous You Are In Relationships, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Emily Anne

Jealousy is a very human, and often ugly, trait. In Christianity, envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, alongside other characteristics like wrath and lust. Even the brightest and most attractive people among us experience jealousy or envy, usually stemming from a place of insecurity or vulnerability. It's not just based on money, looks, or fame. You can also determine how jealous you are in relationships according to your sign, because the personality traits of each sign can easily show that.

If you are sensitive about your job or financial situation, someone driving a new car with a 401(k) will probably incite jealousy. And now with social media, people only post the highlights of their life, rather than the mundane or unattractive moments. This can cultivate an atmosphere of competition, and creates new problems that may not have been present before the internet.

In addition to all those types of jealousy, envy in a relationship can be more intense and consuming. When people are in love and something sparks jealousy, there are so many factors at play: your self-worth, your confidence, and the trust that may or may not be there. Every relationship is different because every person is unique, but astrology can give us some baseline of how each sign handles the green-eyed monster. And if you know your whole chart, be sure to also check your moon sign (emotional nature) and your Venus sign (style of relating). Here’s how jealous your sign can be in a relationship:

Aries: 8/10 Reactive

This hot headed sign gets jealous if they feel their lover is having more fun without them, especially with someone else. Aries hates feeling inadequate; they want to be number one (they are the original sign, after all). Their naturally competitive personality makes for a lot of jealous moments in relationships. Aries are like raw nerves, and if their partner handles them without regard for their sensitivity, they might lash out. The bright side is, Aries rarely holds onto anything for too long and forgives rather quickly.

Taurus: 9/10 - Possessive

Taurus is the sign of “possessions,” so they might have a tendency to view their lover as part of their assets. Taurus is the sister sign of Scorpio, and both signs have issues with “letting go.” They feel that because they put their time and effort into the relationship, now the partner is somewhat “theirs” and no one else’s. If the partner “defies” the Taurus’ (sometimes) strict rules about boundaries, there can be jealousy issues. On the positive side, Taurus is almost always direct with how they feel.

Gemini: 3/10 - Understanding

Gemini is a flexible air sign, so jealousy in relationships is rarely an issue. They understand the fickle nature of people and also understand that not every action or reaction should be taken seriously.

Like everyone, they do experience jealousy, but only when it's warranted. They are rational and rarely let their emotions get the best of them. Gemini trusts their partner to do what they promise and encourages everyone to have a little fun, like they do, and shake negativity off.

Cancer: 7/10 - Sensitive

As a water sign, Cancer takes love and emotions very seriously, so jealousy is bound to arise. Because they're ruled by the moon, Cancer is prone to cycling through emotions. One minute they’re in a jealous rage and the world is made of hellfire, the next minute they are tearfully explaining why they are hurt. Despite their crybaby reputation, they are tough cookies and will call out their partner if they think they're doing something inappropriate. Overall, Cancer desires an emotionally honest partnership that has loyalty (or else watch out for their claws).

Leo: 8/10 - Needy

Leo is the sign of “the lovers” as well as self-expression; so yeah, they're dramatic. When in love, the lion is loud and proud about their feelings. This sign demands that their partner proudly show them off too: dates, lots of PDA, pictures on social media, etc.

If you aren’t bragging about them or paying attention to them, they may get their egos bruised. And if you're paying attention to someone else, watch out. Leo will feel jealous rather easily and may attack and then retreat to lick their wounds. But when they are over their rage, they take apologies in the form of compliments and affection.

Virgo: 5/10 -Nervous

Virgo is not necessarily jealous, possessive, or clingy, they are nervous. Virgos doubt everything from themselves, their partner, strangers; it’s just in their nature. So even if they feel totally confident and secure in a relationship, jealousy may arise if Virgo overthinks themselves into a state of anxiety or panic.

Usually, Virgo is a trusting and discerning partner who doesn’t let rash emotions rule them. They know their partner inside and out, so they can usually tell what is a real threat. But sometimes, their mind can get carried away.

Libra: 6/10 - Attached

As the sign of partnerships, Libra highly values relationships. But as an air sign, they are naturally flirtatious and somewhat open. Despite being somewhat flirty themselves, they don't always appreciate their partner doing the same.

Libra is the sign of “we,” so if their partner starts to distance themselves or tries to get some independence, they freak out a little. Libra wants their significant other to be on the exact same page as them at all times. Add a different person into the mix, and Libra will go from kind to envious. The bright side is, their ruler, Venus, always wants to find a solution.

Scorpio: 10/10 - Obsessive

Yeah… Scorpios get pretty jealous. They fully believe in total commitment, even before marriage. When Scorpio falls in love, they fall DEEPLY in love; there is no gray area. Since Scorpio is so devoted and gives their 100 percent in love, they are easily hurt if their partner even thinks about anyone else. Dark thoughts and worries can definitely consume them. It might literally pain them to even imagine their lover just flirting, let alone cheating. Scorpios desire total devotion and loyalty because that’s what they offer. They should work on loosening their grip, because true love requires trust.

Sagittarius: 2/10 - Open

As the sign of freedom, the word “jealous” isn’t really in a Sagittarian's vocabulary. They want to live in a world with no rules and dislikes the idea of labels and limits. Their ideal partner is honest and transparent about their intentions, so there isn’t anything to hide or worry about. Of course, they are still human and will get jealous at times when it is natural. Sagittarius rivals Gemini for “most chill” partner, since they know that holding onto someone tightly isn’t the best way to keep them.

Capricorn: 7/10 - Controlling

As the sign of reputation, jealousy can arise in Capricorns if there is a real threat to their status and image. They do not want to be made a fool of in any capacity. It takes of a lot of vulnerability for Caps to enter into a serious relationship, so it pains them if someone threatens to destroy everything they worked for. Capricorns get jealous when their lover disrespects the sanctity of their partnership, even slightly. They want the stereotypical “perfect” relationship, so their partner stepping out of line can cause some major jealousy and anxiety.

Aquarius: 4/10 - Honest

As the sign of rebellion and friendship, Aquarius isn’t known for their jealousy. Aquarius is naturally progressive, open-minded, and they value friendships with all genders. Their jealousy only shows if they don't feel special in the eyes of their partner or they think their partner finds someone else equally fascinating. Being unique and one-of-kind is very important to Aquarius. Luckily, relationships with Aquarius almost always starts with a basis in friendship, so communication and honesty are natural for them.

Pisces: 5/10 - Caring

Pisces can go either way when it comes to jealousy in relationships. As a mutable sign, duality is always a factor. On one hand, they are easily hurt and have a vivid imagination, which can lead to jealousy issues. On the other hand, they are the most understanding and forgiving sign of the zodiac. They aren't naturally jealous people, and they respond to feelings of jealousy with sadness rather than anger. A healthy Pisces balances both sides of themselves; they trust their partner, but also trust their intuition.