Pisces Season Is Coming & It Has A Profoundly Important Effect On Your Love Life

Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe in the possibility of multiple lifetimes? Infinite universes where separate threads of reality string themselves out into different knotted shapes of storyline? If you don't believe in rebirth now, get ready to think differently. This Pisces love horoscope is going to make it real for you.

This is the time that comes to wash the earth after the lofty freeze of Aquarius season. From January 19 to February 18, we have been learning that sometimes, tears will only get you so far. There's a point where you have to keep going in, even if it would be easier to stay in bed all day and cry. There's a certain point when you have to get it together and keep singing summer to yourself through the impenetrable depths of winter. And there's a certain point when you need a little help from your friends and loved ones, who can help you keep going when it seems like everything hitting you is just way too much. It might seem preferable to keep your mouth closed and avoid asking for help, but in the depths of despair, a little bit of light can loosen your lips up.

This is what Pisces season does for our love life: it ushers in a thaw. Now, we finally have time to feel the full force of our feelings. And we will have the relationships to contain them.

Grief contains layers. These layers make up emotional terrains that have never been explored. What they don't tell you about sadness? It's that after you swim down through the depths, far enough to reach the pits of absolute nothingness, you can find the sunken treasure chest of your humor. Grief has so many hidden gifts like that. There are days when you feel like you're being bathed in the red heat of anger and times when all you can do is soak your pillowcase in tears. And each one of these places we find, in the midst of immeasurable loss, teaches us a little bit more about our shining selves.

While you are exploring your grief during Pisces season, you will learn that it's OK to describe this landscape aloud. The world will give you plenty of sources for understanding it, when you start to feel lost. Let your friends give you guidance, when you need it. It's OK to ask them for help. Nobody will ever give you more or less than exactly what you need at any given time. It's OK to ask for directions sometimes.

Remember what I said earlier about lifetimes? Some of us are still carrying pain with us that doesn't even belong to us. Some of these are wounds that have been inflicted upon our souls in previous lives. Some of these wounds are from different phases in this lifetime, that we haven't quite found a way to resolve. These damages might have been inflicted in childhood; they might have been inflicted on your parents long before you were born. You've been carrying them around for years. But you don't need them anymore.

This baggage does not belong to you. You can choose what you do with it. You can continue to drag it around with you. If you're curious about what it contains, it's good and productive to rifle through it. It will make it easier for you to relate to others, and understand their pain.

And once you've sorted through it, it's OK to take what you need from it, and leave the rest. This person isn't coming back for their bag. They handed it to you because they wanted to get rid of it.

You can use this baggage to make incredible things, but you don't have to take on more than what you can contain. And you will learn that you shouldn't put it on a partner, either. They were not put here to do the work that you have to do for yourself. They were not put here to complete you. You were put here to enjoy one another. So start finding more things to love, and let go of the excess that you can't.