How Each Zodiac Sign Acts On A Blind Date Will Remind You That Everyone Gets Nervous

In the dog-eat-dog world of modern romance, the occasional blind date is almost a given. You swipe right on a dating app and jump right into meeting someone for the first time. You get together at a populated location so that there can be no funny business and you hope against all hope that sparks fly (or, at the very least, they're not a weirdo). Does this dance sound familiar to you? Because how each zodiac sign acts on a blind date is proof that this is strange for all of us.

Personally, I haven't been on a blind date in a long time, but from what I can remember, they're jam-packed with curveballs and disappointment. I've experienced rude and angry men blowing up my inbox with insults after I let them know I didn't want to go on a second date. I've even met someone only to find out they already had a girlfriend (nightmare, much?). However, despite how stressful the downsides to blind dating can be, the upside is that it's brimming with unexpected marvels. Even though I personally never fell for a blind date, I certainly made many good friends throughout the process. And, who knows? Maybe if I stuck with it, I would have met someone who I even clicked with romantically. At the end of the day, blind dating is a game of chance, and it's up to you to go big or go home.

Aries: You Immediately Know Whether Or Not You're Into It

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You're a "go with your gut" type of person, and if you immediately get a strong feeling about your date, chances are it's not gonna change. The worst part is that you're so honest — your feelings will be blatantly obvious to your date as well. Your face hides nothing, and if you're totally into them, they'll know. If you feel like leaving, they'll know that, too. Probably because you told them.

Taurus: You're Keeping Your Distance Until You Trust Them

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It's hard enough to get you out of the house, let alone on a date with someone you've never even met before. You've got your barriers all the way up and it's your date's responsibility to give you a reason to let them down. You're also not afraid of being tough on your date because, at the end of the day, they've got to prove whether or not they were worth leaving the house for.

Gemini: You're Talking So Much To Avoid Feeling Nervous

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There is never a moment of awkward silence on your date because you're making sure of it. You're talking constantly so that you can avoid how nervous you're really feeling. If your date has nothing interesting to say in return, you're immediately feeling bored. In that case, you might just meet someone else during the date and strike up a conversation with them instead.

Cancer: You're Feeling Shy And You Really Can't Help It

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You're a totally sensitive little crab and it takes a special person to help you come out of your shell. You're probably stumbling over your words and hiding your true self until they make you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable. If their personality is aggressive or overwhelming, you're making your friend call you and say that it's "an emergency" so that you have an excuse to leave.

Leo: You're Wondering Whether Or Not They Can Handle You

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It's no secret that you're a big ball of energy and a personality that takes up the whole room. You're totally tuning in to how well your date can handle that. Do they seem overwhelmed? Do they seem unimpressed? Are they not making you feel special? You'll get bored very quickly if your date seems all clammed up and repressed. You just want to live a little, and this date is no exception.

Virgo: You're Analyzing Every Little Detail About Them

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You can't help but look at your date with laser-sharp judgment. It's not that you're being needlessly hard on your date, it's just that you're really picky and time is money. Why waste it on someone wrong for you? You definitely notice their coffee breath, their weird laugh, and the way they call their ex-girlfriend "crazy." You're keeping a mental list of all their unflattering qualities.

Libra: You're Keeping Things Light To Keep The Peace

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You're just trying to get through this date in one piece, whether they're right for you or not. You're probably making it fun with your charm and wit, but you're only enjoying yourself if they can keep up with you. Your charisma prevents the date from floundering, especially because you secretly want to leave a good impression on them, even if you're counting down the minutes until the date's over.

Scorpio: You're Just Waiting To See If There's Any Passion

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You're waiting for that cinematic moment where a spark is lit in your heart and you fall madly and passionately for your blind date. Is that too much to ask for? Maybe, but that's what you're waiting for, and if your date can't even handle looking into your eyes or telling you a deep secret, why'd you even agree to this? You're here for a juicy, romance novel-type of blind date.

Sagittarius: You're Looking At It Like A Big Social Experiment

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You're just here for the experience of it all, and you're open to anything that happens. Whether your date turns out to be a total cad or the love of your life, you're there for the wild ride. You're pushing your date's limits, cracking risky jokes, and making it thrilling. Whether your date's up for it or not is their problem, but you didn't set aside time just to make this a boring, old-fashioned "meet and greet."

Capricorn: You're Probably Treating It Like A Job Interview

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You're not here to just have a good time and see where things go. You set aside valuable time for this meeting and you've probably already vetted your date on Google and made sure they're at least somewhat worthy. You're immediately diving into your shared values and deciphering what their career goals are. If they don't have a big plan for their life, why would they have a big plan for you?

Aquarius: You're Testing Them With Clever Jokes And Theories

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It takes a really special person to make you feel like taking things a step further. You're a unique individual and you need someone who vibes with your strange wavelength. You're not hiding who you are because there's no point. Shouldn't they know you love conspiracy theories? Shouldn't they be aware of your belief in aliens? If they don't like it, you're probably gonna ghost them after the date.

Pisces: You're Trying Not To Fall In Love With The Idea Of Them

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You're daydreaming about all the possibilities that this blind date evokes. What if this date goes magically? What if they're "the one"? You've got such fanciful expectations that you have to remind yourself to see your date for who they really are, not who you want them to be. And, if they turn out to be a total disappointment, you'll just fall in love with the idea of the next blind date.