Either Lizzie McGuire Is Back, Or Hilary Duff Just Got New Bangs

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If you didn't grow up wanting to not only look like, but be Lizzie McGuire, then we are two totally different people who cannot possibly agree on anything. Except, I hope, the obvious fact that Hilary Duff's new bangs look incredible, which is a pure truth I'm not willing to argue about. Not only does her new cut frame her face ~perfectly~, but it's a hairstyle most definitely rocked a time or two by Lizzie McGuire herself, and the look is such a throwback, I'm just now realizing this woman never ages. Hilary, what's your skincare routine? Did you cut these bangs for a Lizzie McGuire reboot? Do you want to be best friends? I have so many questions.

On seven separate occasions since moving to New York City, I have been stopped by strangers or casual friends and told I vaguely resemble Hilary Duff. I don't look anything like her, to be perfectly honest, but let me tell you, it is the highest of high compliments, and it makes my day every damn time. That said, our ever-so-vague facial similarities do not mean I should try to pull off bangs, even though when Duff does, the look is so damn good.

ICYMI, Duff surprised everyone with a major hair change when she went full-on platinum blonde in November of 2018:

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Since then, she's returned to her buttery, balayaged blonde, a classic look we all love to love:

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On Lizzie McGuire, the young starlette was always amping up hairdos with scrunchies, butterfly clips, pigtail braids, et cetera, but IRL, Duff usually sticks to basic — and beauteous — beachy waves.

That said, she did opt for some long, subtle side bangs recently...

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...And according to her latest Instagram story, she decided to make them full-on front bangs for a while:

Hilary Duff/Instagram

First of all, my queen is the only one who can rock piecey front bangs. Obsessed. And second of all, can we talk about that length? She cut off some inches! Duff's long strands are now officially medium-lob length, and I couldn't love the chop more than I do. So fresh for summer!

Look at that soft smile. She knows she looks good!

Hilary Duff/Instagram

"Got a short doo," Duff captioned her Instagram Story selfie. Her new cut is courtesy of hairstylist Nikki Lee at Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, California, which is definitely her go-to spot, since she also went there to dye her strands bleach blonde last year. Good to know if I'm ever bougie enough to be in need of a Hollywood haircut.

Seriously, though, the new bangs give me major Lizzie McGuire vibes:

All Duff needs to do is crimp some strands and clip up some random pieces, and she'll be ready to tell her parents to take a chill pill:

Long live Hilary Duff's bangs! Long live Lizzie McGuire, style icon! And again, Hilary, if you're reading this, I'm serious about wanting to know your skincare routine. How do you still look like your chid-star self? Pls spill deets soon, or I'll be forced to impulse-cut my own bangs.