9 Pairs of High-Rise Pants To Get Waisted In This Fall

Timur Emek/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When I look back at my days of wearing low-rise jeans, I cringe. I'm talking seriously low-rise, where the fly maxed out at one inch of zipper. Innocent bystanders didn't need to be exposed to my butt crack like that. Thus, I'm happy to report that low-rise jeans aren't your only option. There's a bevy of new, stylish high-waisted pants that you will actually love wearing. I'm talking no riding up or gapping; simply put, these pants will hug your amazing form.

I'd like to blame society for my years of low-rise fashion faux pas. Stores were doing everything possible to rid their shelves of mom jeans from the '80s and early '90s (and like why? Mom jeans are rad), so the early '00s meant practically underwear-bearing pants. In reality, though, I have only myself to blame for forcing my mom to buy me what I thought I just had to have. One pair that is unfortunately seared into my brain was from my beloved dELiA*s (yes, they still exist). They were multi-colored patchwork corduroy and denim bell bottoms, the fly was approximately a half-inch zipper and barely functional. They were absolutely hideous, and yet my best friend and I relished in our matching pairs.

Thank you to the fashion gods for saving me from myself. Check out the coolest new high-waisted pants so you, too, can avoid exposing yourself every time you sit down.

Everyone needs a pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans go with literally any type of shoe. Flats, heels, sandals, and most importantly, boots. Stop stuffing your straight-leg jeans into your boots because I will find you and it won't be pretty.

Introducing: your new go-to jeans. I practically live in black, high-rise skinny jeans. The dark color is a perfect neutral and the high-rise cut is almost like built in shapewear. Dress them up with your favorite going out top and those sexy heels gathering dust in the back of your closet and you'll be unstoppable.

Don't be afraid of going full on bell bottom. The '70s are one of my favorite fashion decades so I embrace almost anything that could have be spotted in Eric Forman's basement. The trick to pulling these off is heels, the higher the better, to really show off the curves.

This shade of blue is so on-trend, and it serves as a total mood-boost. Plus, it will play up any hits of camel (like the model's boots) in your wardrobe.

Now, what to wear on Sunday after a weekend of squeezing into bodycon dresses? Newsflash, boyfriend jeans don't have to be butt crack-bearing. This high-waisted version of your most comfortable jeans will have you feeling just as relaxed and keep you from yanking up your pants all day long.

Speaking of comfort, high-rise styles aren't exclusive to denim. Joggers are in right now and this silky pair looks almost pajama-worthy. Meaning you can wear them out and just crawl right into bed later.

Palazzo pants are beyond comfortable and make you look instantly swanky. Learn from my mistake though and don't wear them in the rain, they will drag on the ground and soak up the mysteriously colored sidewalk runoff.

If the weather is bad, culottes are more precipitation-friendly, especially for all of my petite ladies out there.

Even if you live in leggings, go for the high rise pair. The person sitting behind you during your spin class will thank you.

High-waisted pants give us so many gifts. No more ripping your belt loops off because you're pulling up your pants every five minutes. Decent size pockets. They make your butt look amazing - not that it didn't already. Pair your new pants with a crop top, tunic, button-down, they work with whatever you've got. Just prepare yourself for people stopping you on the street to ask where you got them.