Here's where to get the Travis Scott McDonald's merch before it disappears for good.

Travis Scott's New McDonald's Merch Line Includes A Nugget-Shaped Body Pillow

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If you're a fan of either Travis Scott or Chicken McNuggets, you'll definitely want to check out the rapper's new merchandise collaboration with McDonald's. Scott's Mickey D's merch is full of nostalgic illustrations of fries and nuggets and retro items like a metal lunch box. To grab an item before it disappears, here's where to get the Travis Scott McDonald's merch, including a huggable chicken nugget.

McDonald's collaboration with Scott is a month-long initiative, which includes the Travis Scott Meal deal at restaurants, and of course, a special line of merch. The merch has an emphasis on old-school designs, and it features everything from a McDonald's tray, t-shirts, and a nugget-shaped body pillow. To shop the line, you'll need to go to the rapper's official website and from there, you can navigate to the shop, or you can visit directly. Pricing runs from $25 to $300. As you shop, keep in mind that shipping isn't included in the price, and you may need to wait a while, as the items will ship in between four and 12 weeks, depending on what you buy.

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If you're ready to shop, here's some of what you'll find. The I'm Lovin' It Lunch Tray sells for $30 and features the McDonald's x Cactus Jack logo in the bottom right corner and the words "I'm Lovin' It," scrawled across the surface.

The Cactus Pack Lunch Box runs for $45, and it includes a fun graphic of the Scott action figure along with a thought bubble of the Travis Scott meal:

You can also score a 3-pack of Cactus Jack Arches Socks for $55, featuring embroidered graphics:

Other items on the site include a variety of fun tee shirts for $48, sweatshirts and sweat pants for $88 to $98, and a giant nugget body pillow for $90.

If you're not looking to drop a hundo on a nugget body pillow, you can opt for some cheaper items like the CJ Arches Beanie ($44), the Cactus Jack Styrofoam Cup 10-Pack ($25), and the CJ Arches Hat ($44).

If you're confused as to why this merch line exists at all, let me fill you in: The Travis Scott meal dropped at select McDonald's locations on Tuesday, Sept. 8. It includes three of the rapper's favorite items — a Quarter Pounder with cheese, pickles, onions, bacon, lettuce, ketchup, and mustard, medium French fries with tangy BBQ sauce, and a Sprite with extra ice — for $6. The eats will be available through Oct. 4, but the merch may sell out quicker than that, so if you wanna score some Mickey D x Travis Scott items, place your order before it's gone for good.

Whether you grab the Scott-inspired order at your local McDonald's or order the merchandise online, you'll want to follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Aug. 3. If you go out, you wear a cloth face covering over your mouth and nose, practice social distancing whenever possible, and wash or sanitize your hands frequently. Before heading to McDonald's check out McDonald's coronavirus policies. Finally, when accepting food or package deliveries, make sure you wash your hands after handling the packaging.

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